An easy-to-miss but effective way of gaining experience in Rainbow Six Extraction is completing research studies. This guide will tell you how.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Research Studies Explained

An easy-to-miss but effective way of gaining experience in Rainbow Six Extraction is completing research studies. This guide will tell you how.
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The job of Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction is to complete incursions, furthering the investigation done by the organization REACT into the cause of the Archæan infestations. This isn’t the only avenue of data collection, however. Research Studies persist between missions, offering small amounts of additional lore, cosmetics, and strong boosts to XP. 

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This Rainbow Six Extraction guide details what Research Studies are, how to track progress, and how you can unlock more tiers.

What are Research Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Research Studies are optional objectives for you to complete. There are 10 sets of three Research Studies in each region, and you must complete all three objectives in a set before the next tier becomes available. You will repeat this process to unlock all of the Research Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction.

You can view the active Research Studies in the Play tab. Select a zone and then open the Studies menu. These are typically pretty simple, requiring that you kill a certain number of a specific enemy or utilize a piece of equipment in a certain way.

After you finish an incursion, return to this menu to claim each reward. This will give you a small amount of information on the results, award the bonus XP, and unlock any cosmetics tied to the specific Study.  

The Play tab will also display Research Study progress. The percentage displayed above the name of a region corresponds directly to your progress. Reach 100% and your analysis in an area is finished. You do not need to complete a specific amount of Research Studies to advance to new areas. Those are tied to your progression level, and unlock as you play the game.

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And that’s what Research Studies are in Rainbow Six Extraction. They’re a great source of bonus XP, and the additional world-building is a nice touch. A quick glance at the Studies menu in the Play tab before launching an incursion tells you need to know and focus on while completing your other objectives. We’ve got more in our tactics guide. Find that, and all of our guides, on our Rainbow Six Extraction page 

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