Redfall: Ferry Deck Key Location Guide

Find out how to nab the Ferry Deck key at the start of Redfall.

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If you’ve just started Redfall, you might be wondering about the Ferry Deck Key. Developed by Arkane, this opening section already shows flashes of the team’s open-ended approach to mission design. Our guide will help you get the Ferry Deck key.

Where to Find the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall

Upon beginning a fresh campaign, you’ll spawn within what appears to be the ship’s main cabin. From here, you’re able to take the narrow flight of stairs that connects into a lounge area. This is where you’ll find a coffee bar along with tons of chairs lined up in front of a television.

The quickest way to grab the Ferry Deck key involves smashing one of the large windows underneath the lounge’s television. After vaulting over, you’ll find a dead body on the floor with a trail of blood leading down a hatch. Drop down the hatch and grab the Ferry Deck key from the hanging corpse’s hands. After nabbing the key, you can unlock the door from the inside to head back up to the lounge.

You’re now be able to use the Ferry Deck key to open the ship’s exit door pictured below, thus unleashing you upon the game’s first open map.

Alternate Options for the Ferry Deck Key

The alternative requires a lockpick, which is down to RNG.

If you manage to find a lockpick from any of the bodies or cars you loot during this mission, take the second flight of stairs further down from the lounge area. If you’re having trouble finding it, the path is just behind the coffee bar.

Once downstairs, you won’t be able to miss the door in question. It’s situated toward the right of the wall blood splatter in front of one of the trucks submerged in the water. Hold the interaction prompt, which is the X button on an Xbox controller, to use the lockpick and then grab the Ferry Deck key.

However, there’s yet another option that shows that you didn’t even need the Ferry Deck key to begin with. All you have to do is smash the large windows overlooking the town in the opening cabin room. Vaulting over the now shattered window lets you simply take a casual stroll down to the same outside area of the ship the Ferry Deck keys lead to.

Now that you know how to get the Ferry Deck key, or how to bypass it entirely, you might be interested in more Redfall coverage.

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