Remnant 2: How to Get the Meridian Grenade Launcher

Blow up your foes with the Remnant 2 Meridian weapon.

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The Meridian in Remnant 2 is a unique handgun that packs a punch. To be frank, the term “handgun” is a bit misleading here since the Meridian is actually a grenade launcher. In this guide we’ll discuss how to get this weapon and its perks.

How to Get the Meridian in Remnant 2

To get the Meridian grenade launcher, you need to make the water rise in a secret room in any of Losomn’s sewer dungeons. This is a lot easier said than done because of the game’s dynamic campaign progression feature. That means certain locations or even puzzles/events may not appear in your playthrough. As such, your only recourse is to try Adventure Mode and hope that they’re on the map.

Sewer Secret Room Location

The Meridian is found in a secret room in Losomn: Harvester’s Reach. However, it’s also possible to see this in Losomn’s other sewer maps, such as Tiller’s Reach, and perhaps even The Great Sewers where you’d fight the Bloat King. Ideally, you’ll want to have a campaign or Adventure Mode run where you begin in Losomn: Morrow Parish, since the Nightweaver main quest often takes you to related places.

In any case, the goal is to look for a wooden platform or section that has a tunnel blocked by a shelf and barrel. Destroy these objects, and you should be able to pass through.

Meridian Location and Sewer Puzzle

Upon reaching the next chamber, kill the orange slime that’s blocking the drain pipe. Then, wait for one hour and 30 minutes to elapse so the water fills the room.

As of the time of this writing, I can’t confirm if you need to be in-game for the entire duration or if you could be offline doing something else. In my experience, I just stayed in the location and alt-tabbed so I can write some other Remnant 2 guides.

By the time I was finished, the water had filled the room. That allowed me to cross using the wooden planks to reach the opposite tunnel. Inside, I found the Meridian weapon. Lastly, do be careful when making your way across the planks, as falling into the water leads to instant death.

Meridian Stats and Mod

The Remnant 2 Meridian grenade launcher has the following features:

  • Damage: 82
  • RPS: 1.9
  • Magazine: 5/35
  • Basic attack: Shoots grenades that explode on contact with enemies, dealing AoE damage within four meters. Dormant grenades eventually explode and can be shot to detonate early. This weapon cannot deal weak spot damage.
  • Unique mod: Screamer – Fires a high-powered rocket that deals up to 200 damage within 2.5 meters.
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As you can see, the Meridian can cause devastating explosions that hit multiple foes. Its basic grenades instantly explode when hitting unarmored enemies, though the projectiles can also bounce if hitting armored opponents or surfaces. Its unique mod, meanwhile, shoots a high-velocity rocket that travels in a straight line, which is great if you don’t want to lob grenades.

That’s everything you need to know about the Meridian in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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