Remnant 2: Medic Archetype Class Guide

Heal yourself and your buddies as the Medic in Remnant 2.

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How good is the Remnant 2 Medic archetype? This particular class has several means of healing and reviving teammates, making it one of the best support classes in the game. Our guide discusses the Medic class skills, perks, and traits, as well as how you can unlock it if you didn’t choose it at the start of the game.

Remnant 2 Medic Archetype Guide

How to Unlock the Medic Archetype

The Medic is one of the starter classes in Remnant 2. That means you can choose it when you talk to Wallace in Ward 13 during the game’s tutorial stage. However, if you didn’t select it, then I think you’ve made a big mistake and you should restart your campaign now.

I’m kidding: you can still try other classes if you prefer. Still, it’s the best solo Archetype in the game. If you want to unlock the Medic later, then you can purchase the Medic Pin from Norah, the town doctor / healing items vendor. This can be exchanged for the class engram when you talk to Wallace.

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Starting Loadout

  • Long Gun: XMG57 Bonesaw
  • Handgun: Service Pistol
  • Melee: Steel Flail

Before we continue with our Remnant 2 Medic archetype skills and perks, let’s talk about the class’ loadout.

While the Service Pistol and Steel Flail aren’t anything to write home about, it’s the XMG57 Bonesaw that helps set the class apart. This is a machine gun with 300 total ammo (150 ammo in the magazine). It happens to be the best starter weapon out of all the options due to its high rate of fire and ammo count.

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Medic Unique Trait

Triage — Increases healing by up to 50% at level 10. Do note that unique traits gain boosts as you level up the class. At level 10, it can be selected even if you “unequip” the Medic and replace it with something else. However, you do need to reallocate trait points or re-equip the Medic class if you want to have its effects once more.

Medic Skills


  • Unlock: Available by default at level 0.
  • Effect: Creates a healing spring AoE on the ground, restore 15 HP per second and causing blight diseases to decay faster; lasts 15 seconds.

Healing Shield

  • Unlock: Available at level 5.
  • Effect: Shields all allies within 25 meters for 100% of their max HP; regenerates 30% of max HP; lasts 10 seconds.


  • Unlock: Available at level 10.
  • Effect: Causes a 30-meter shockwave that revives downed allies and restores 75% of their max HP over 10 seconds. The skill button can be held own to increase the healing amount, up to 300%. Revived allies cannot be brought back to life by Redemption for another 180 seconds. This internal cooldown also resets on death or when interacting with a Worldstone crystal.

The Remnant 2 Medic archetype has everything you need to survive. Wellspring is the best class skill in the entire game, and it can be used right from the get-go if you pick this class. Since it also affects teammates, your buddies can stand in the healing AoE radius. I personally love plopping down the Wellspring to tank hits, all while continuing to shoot or strike foes.

Much later, you can switch to Redemption for tougher engagements when you’re playing co-op. This ensures that you have a handy revive for the entire squad to prevent unfortunate wipes.

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Medic Prime Perk

Prime Perk: Regenerator – After restoring 250 total health to your and your allies, regain a spent Relic charge. Resting or respawning at a Worldstone resets the accumulated amount. Each additional player in your team increases the required healing amount by 50%.

Regenerator basically grants an extra Relic charge the more you heal yourself and others. This encourages you to focus on a support role for your team. Moreover, don’t forget that each class’ Prime Perk can only remain active if it’s your main archetype (i.e., the one to the left of the panel when you “equip” a class).

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Medic General Perks

The Remnant 2 Medic archetype has several perks that are upgraded automatically as you level up. These boosts will remain active whether it’s your main class (i.e., left-hand side of the panel) or secondary class (i.e., right-hand side).

Damage Perk: Invigorated

  • Default: +10% damage.
  • Upgraded: +25% damage and +5% crit chance.

Team Perk: Benevolence

  • Default: +15% Relic efficacy; heals nearby allies for 30% of the total value.
  • Upgraded: Healing amount for affected allies is increased to 60% if they’re below 35% HP.

Utility Perk: Backbone

  • Default: +1 hits that you can take before losing Grey Health.
  • Upgraded: +2 hits that you can take before losing Grey Health.

Relic Perk: Benefactor

  • Default: +20% Relic use speed.
  • Upgraded: Relic usage gains -1 stagger.

That’s it: that’s all you need to know about the Medic archetype class in Remnant 2. With the ultimate healing capabilities, it’s sure to be your top pick for solo runs, and a mainstay for your co-op groups. It also works well when paired with the Handler, Summoner, or Alchemist. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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