Ready for some serious gross-out body horror? You'll need a strong gag reflex to find this secret key...

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Snake Key

Ready for some serious gross-out body horror? You'll need a strong gag reflex to find this secret key...

While Resident Evil 7 may switch from a third person action game to first person survival horror, many of the series staples remain, such as finding specific types of keys and collectibles in order to unlock secret locations.

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There are three keys to find revolving around various creepy crawly creatures, like the scorpion key used to acquire the shotgun, the crow key for getting through all those creepy doors with birds nailed to them, and the snake key required for finding the cage treasure photo that leads to the repair kit.

Below we cover how to find the snake key, which besides helping out with the aforementioned treasure photo also makes new locations open for exploring the Baker residence and hiding from the rampaging Jack.

Resident Evil 7 Snake Key Location

Before you can find the snake key you need to proceed through the main story until you complete the fight against Marguerite and reach the point in the game where Lucas calls and tells you to look in the fridge.

From there you’ll find a very unpleasant note in the fridge telling you to check out the “pig” in the dissection room. Travel through the yard over to the main house and head down into the basement (you will need to have already completed the eagle wood statuette puzzle to do this).

Go through the incinerator room to the boiler room and then onto the area of the map marked as the dissection room. You may have already traveled here earlier in the game and seen Jack Baker drinking and talking to the corpse of a police officer (the “pig”).

Finding the dissection room

Inside the dissection room is that same headless corpse who apparently didn’t fare as well as against the hillbilly Bakers as you have so far. The body has been moved now though and is on a gurney against the side of the wall.

Right next to the body is a sign telling you to prove how much of a man you are by shoving your hand inside the exposed throat hole. It’s gross, but there’s no other choice if you want that nifty snake key…

Take a deep breath and dive in!

Approach the corpse from the front so you are lined up with the throat and interact with the body to initiate one of the game’s grossest cut scene segments.

After all the squishy sound effects are done (maybe close your eyes for this part) you will be rewarded with the incredibly useful snake key! Ethan will probably want to wash his hands as well.

Well, at least it was worth the effort!

With the snake key in hand there will now be new areas of the game world to explore and more rooms to use while escape rampaging monsters.

There’s a caveat here though: after this point new and more powerful enemies will immediately spawn across the house and in the yard outside the house, so there’s a serious trade off for the key. Be sure you have enough ammo and items to survive going forward before you grab the snake key or you may just end up having to re-load and starting over.

One of the locations now available to unlock is the master bedroom on the second floor just above the house’s main lobby area, where you can find quite a few helpful items as well as some new puzzles to decipher.

        Master bedroom snake door

Even More Secrets To Uncover

The snake key is only the tip of the iceberg in this game packed to the gills with hidden content. Need help discovering any of the other secrets scattered across Resident Evil 7? Check out our other guides so you don’t miss a single element of this horror reboot:

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