Reverse 1999: Where are the Fish and Chips? Answered

Here's how to solve the fish and chips riddle in Reverse 1999.

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In Chapter Three: Nouvelles Et Textes Pour Rien, you’ll come across a riddle that must be solved to continue the story. If you’re stuck on it, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll go over where are the fish and chips in Reverse 1999.

How to Solve the Fish and Chips Puzzle in Reverse 1999

The fish and chip riddle, also known as the kitchen riddle, can be found after beating Stage 7 in Chapter 3. The trial will pop up on the chapter’s map as a question mark. Once you click on it, you’ll be met with the following riddle:

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  • “The staff canteen is the best choice for filling the belly. Now you only need a bit more information to reach the fish and chips.”

You’ll see an option titled “Collect Info,” which will give you notes to help you solve the riddle. Each note is from a different day, but they get progressively harder to read as the days go on. To solve this riddle, you’ll have to figure out where the fish and chips and peas puree is on Thursday

Although the notes can be hard to read, I went ahead and put the whole note for you. Here are all the notes for every day: 


  • Fish and chips are in the closet.
  • Bread is in the cabinet.
  • Peas puree is on the shelf.
  • Vegetables are in the basket.


  • Bread is on the shelf.
  • Vegetables are in the closet.
  • Peas puree is in the basket.
  • Fish and Chips are in the cabinet.


  • Fish and chips are on the shelf.
  • Peas puree are in the closet.
  • Vegetables are in the cabinet.

So where are the fish and chips? They’re in the basket. The peas puree is in the cabinet. That’s how to solve the fish and chips riddle. For more tips and guides on Reverse 1999, check out our dedicated guides hub

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