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Rimworld: What are Ancient Dangers? Explained

Ancient Dangers are all over the place in Rimworld, so here's what there is to know about them.

Rimworld is an endless, AI-generated space story. And when we talk about the Ancient Danger, we’re basically referring to those hidden and potentially sketchy spots or structures you stumble upon while playing. These treacherous spots can look pretty different from the rest of the buildings around. Still, they usually involve some variety of secret room. Inside, you’ll often find old-school technology, great loot, and some long-dormant horrors for you to encounter. Since they’re a bit more complex than that, we’re delving deeper into the question: what are Ancient Dangers in Rimworld?

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What are Ancient Dangers in Rimworld? Explained

Image via Ludeon Studios

So, what’s inside these Ancient Dangers? Well, it could be a few things, both good and bad. When dealing with these perilous areas, I advise you to take it slow. Scope out the situation. Ensure your colonists are geared up with weapons and armor. And have a solid plan before you see what’s behind the curtain.

  • Cryosleep Caskets: Sometimes, you’ll crack open these ancient hideouts and find cryosleep caskets. These can hold dormant colonists, prisoners, or enemies that you’ll reawaken. Opening these caskets is a crapshoot every time. You might get some great loot. Or you might find people that join your team, turn into enemies, or provide you with some interesting lore.
  • Mechanoids: In some Ancient Dangers, you might stumble upon a bunch of hostile mechanoid clusters. These remnants of the past are no joke and can be incredibly difficult to take down if you show up unprepared.
  • Treasure-Filled Caves: Ancient Dangers can also be treasure troves. They can be filled with valuable items, rare artifacts, and high-tech goodies that can seriously boost your colony’s game.
  • Infestations: Be warned, sometimes these ancient spots are infested with dangerous enemies like Megascarabs. If you awaken these nightmares, be prepared to take them out fast. They can be a capital “P” problem for you colonists.

That answers the question: what are Ancient Dangers in Rimworld? Behind every hideaway is a random surprise, so embrace the unknown and have a solid escape plan in case things go wrong. The rewards can be fantastic. But remember: the risks can be just as big. Be ready for anything. For more information on Rimworld, check out our guides section.

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