Roblox Type Soul: Best Weapons Tier List

Conquer both PvE and PvP modes in Roblox Type Soul with the help of our tier list of the best weapons.

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Type Soul, developed by the Type:// team, is one of the latest Roblox games based on the Bleach anime, and it just so happens to have an impressive pool of weapons. Some of them have special Shikai elements that activate powerful and unique combos, but those aren’t the only ones worth wielding. Our tier list guide will showcase the best weapons in Roblox Type Soul.

Roblox Type Soul Best Weapons Tier List

Roblox Type Soul: S-Tier Weapons


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The Paintbrush is one of the few weapons in the game that comes with its own exclusive Shikai element, which is called “Ink.” It grants access to three combo moves:

  • Wavefront (Z): Lunge forward and apply Ink to slow down the enemy.
  • Nameless (X): Hit your enemy twice to deactivate all of their skills and move sets.
  • Droplet (C): The more HP you have, the further you can travel and apply Ink.

I feel like all three moves have a huge impact on both PvE and PvP, so be sure to keep this weapon once you roll it.


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The Longsword has the best range and speed among all melee weapons. Other weapons of the same caliber, such as Spear or Scythe, can’t even compare to the Longsword in terms of speed and damage.

There’s no Shikai attached to it like in the case with Paintbrush, but I’d suggest using the M1 combo since it’s incredibly effective at dealing with surrounding enemies. Its critical attack sends you dashing forward and dealing a series of slashes, after which you automatically return to your initial position.

Dagger (Fan)

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The Dagger is a fan favorite with an even faster set of moves than Longsword. It also has the ability to turn into a Fan, which is great when dealing with multiple enemies. Just use your mouse wheel to quickly slash through a group of mobs, and they’ll be gone in a second.

Dagger is a fantastic weapon, and it’s probably the best one specifically for PvP because it’s so hard to counter. If you enjoy playing with a light and quick weapon, then I’d totally recommend re-rolling for a Dagger.

Roblox Type Soul: A-Tier Weapons


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The Katana is very similar in both design and skills to the Longsword. It has almost the same reach and speed of movement. It’s really a great alternative to Longsword, meaning you might not want to re-roll if you get the Katana.

The reason why I put this in the A tier is due to the fact that Katana is slightly worse in PvP than Longsword. That extra range on the Longsword may play a crucial role in PvP, but not so much in PvE. That’s why Katana is not exactly as good as Longsword or any of the S-tier weapons in PvP mode.

Dual Swords

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Don’t confuse Dual Swords with the Twinblade. The Twinblade is so slow that I wouldn’t place it higher than the C tier, but Dual Swords are excellent and feel almost like two Katanas.

The R move has an especially long range, although it’s not as fast as Katana’s own R move. If you want to be fast with Dual Swords, then M1 performs much better in that regard. As in the case with Katana, Dual Swords don’t perform too well in PvP.

Roblox Type Soul: B-Tier Weapons


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There are quite a few heavy weapons in Type Soul, and they’re all rather slow. I’d choose to play with Hammer or any other heavier weapon only due to its high damage. Even if your opponent blocks the R move, it still hits them hard enough to stun them.

Be aware that all the moves are really slow and can be easily dodged or parried, so don’t use this in PvP by any means! The Hammer is really only useful for PvE.


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The Greatsword is the only heavy weapon that can be useful in PvP mode in any sort of capacity. You see, the R move on Greatsword is actually really good in PvP because it functions like the critical attack on Longsword, while dealing far more damage.

Aside from this one boon, there isn’t much good reason to use a Greatsword in PvP as it’s far better suited to PvE. Chances are you’ll be totally outmaneuvered using it in PvP.

Those are the best weapons in Roblox Type Soul. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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