Crafting gear is essential in Salt and Sanctuary, as it's one of the primary ways to increase your combat potential. Find out how to craft in this guide.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Craft, Get More Crafting Options, and Farm Materials

Crafting gear is essential in Salt and Sanctuary, as it's one of the primary ways to increase your combat potential. Find out how to craft in this guide.

We covered crafting on the go for basic ranged ammo in Salt and Sacrifice, but the meat of the crafting system happens after you’ve defeated Mages. Every Mage and the mobs they spawn drop crafting materials keyed to the element of the Mage themselves.

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We discussed the topic briefly in our upgrading weapons and armor guide. Much of that information transfers to this topic. Here’s how to craft all the various elemental gear in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Craft in Salt and Sacrifice

To start crafting, kill at least one named Mage. Your first is likely to be the Pyromancer, and there are four to six Mage types per zone. You’ll receive enough crafting materials in an area for three or four pieces of gear.

Once you have what you need, head back to Pardoner’s Vale, level up, then head to the right until you reach the red firepit. You’ll see the “Craft Equipment” prompt come up. Select it to continue.

As with other crafting systems in most any other game, you’ll see the items you need (as well as those you already have) when you hover over items in this menu. When you have the materials you need, press the requisite button shown at the bottom of the menu (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, etc.). 

How to Get More Crafting Options

The first time you open the crafting menu, there won’t be too many options. You’ll have access to just two weapons, an armor set, rings, decorative items, and talismans.

Every Mage you kill increases your gear type selection by one, and you’ll be swimming in equipment options by only the second zone. Progressing through Salt and Sacrifice unlocks higher and higher tier armor from the stronger Mages you’ll encounter. You’ll want to upgrade the lower-tier gear for survivability, but even heavily upgraded early-game equipment is outclassed once you go far enough.

If you want everything from a given Mage, you’ll either need to be incredibly lucky during their initial hunt, or you’ll need to farm them as world bosses or during Fated Hunts.

How to Farm Crafting Materials

World mages are easier to deal with but more challenging to target farm. They’re also harder to track, as they don’t leave behind a trail. They don’t tend to move far from their last location once you deal enough damage to trigger a teleport, but you will need to spend time finding the Mage you’re looking for, as they spawn randomly throughout the zone.

World Mages don’t ever receive a proper health bar, though they don’t have any less HP. The main difference between their initial fight and the farm is your gear and level. As you’ll be better equipped and more powerful when you start farming bosses, they’ll inevitably become easier to deal with.

Fated Hunts are a more straightforward path to target farming the materials you want, though there won’t be as many other Mages on the map to draw your target’s aggression. You’ll be doing the lion’s share of the work. Still, if you need a few particular pieces of material and don’t want to deal with the randomness of a standard zone, Fated Hunts are the best bet.

Now you know everything you need to know about crafting in Salt and Sacrifice. Check out our best weapons list for a good idea of what to use when and our article on Runic Arts, so you’ve got an idea of what your weapon is capable of. Our Salt and Sacrifice guides hub has more to learn as well.

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