These are the best Brain Map skills to get you started early in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Guide: The Best Brain Map Skills to Use

These are the best Brain Map skills to get you started early in Scarlet Nexus

The Scarlet Nexus Brain Map is the game’s version of a skill tree. You’ll earn Brain Points every time Yuito or Kasane levels up. Though the points acquired are few at first, Scarlet Nexus eventually gives you plenty to work with. 

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Experimenting with your own build is certainly viable given how many Brain Points you’ll have, but these are our picks for the best Brain Map skills. 

Best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skills 

Yuito using a purple pyscho-kinetic ability.


Rebound is an essential skill to pick up as soon as possible. Psychokinetic skills take time to pull off, and nothing’s more frustrating than having your combos interrupted by a pesky Other. That goes double considering the time it takes to recover from being knocked down. 

Rebound won’t increase your resistance to interruption, but it does let you get back up faster.

Other movement skills, such as Double Jump, are handy, but not as useful. Save them for later when you’ve got extra Brain Points to spend.

Psy Gauge Boost

This one’s a given for best Brain Skill and should be unlocked early. The first Psy Gauge boost gives you a much-needed increase to your Psychokinesis meter and lets you use more PK attacks before having to recharge. The second unlock doubles it again, so spend Brain Points here as soon as you can.

Concurrent SAS Activation

Concurrent SAS Activation isn’t a completely essential Brain Map skill until later, but it is handy and makes combat much more enjoyable. This skill lets you combine SAS skills.

Normally, you’re limited to one SAS skill at a time. The first SAS Activation lets you combine two — as long as they aren’t Pyrokinesis and Electro — and then the second upgrade lets you combine four

You’ll encounter stronger Others at a greater rate as Scarlet Nexus progresses. Combining abilities lets you take them down faster and keeps the pace from getting bogged down.

Yuito activating a SAS skill.

Follow-Up Attack Expand 

Follow-Up Attack Expand gives you an extra combo move to weave into your attacks. These deal the most damage, and the additional combo is a good way to make use of the expanded Psy Gauge.

Support Skills

Support skills will probably vary based on your playstyle. I went through most of the game without bothering to use Plug-Ins, but if you find yourself needing an extra damage boost or health boost, unlock the Additional Plug-In slots

Otherwise, Item Usage Cooldown is certainly worth investing in as one of the best Brain Map skills. Some of the game’s later bosses will wear you down, regardless of your strategy. Being able to heal rapidly is essential.

Brain Field skills are not a priority. It’s a powerful enough state when you first unlock it, so you can hold off boosting it for a while.

That’s all you need to know about the best Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skills, but be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.

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