Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions Guide

Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions give you an extra edge in battle. Here's how to use them.

Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions give you an extra edge in battle. Here's how to use them.

Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions are a handy way to deal heavy damage in a one-time burst of power. They’re easy to pull off but should be used with caution in tougher battles.

That’s because Combo Visions drain a good deal of the SAS meter. Our Scarlet Nexus Combo Vision guide explains when these abilities unlock and how best to use them when fighting Others.

Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions Explained

Scarlet Nexus SAS menu screen showing Tsumugi's Clairvoyance ability.

Yuito or Kasane can activate Combo Visions with any squad member, so long as their bond level is at three or higher. That’s when Combo Visions unlock, so if you’re diligent about giving gifts and raising bonds, you’ll have combo visions for your main squad fairly early in the game.

These Combo Visions are different from the SAS skill that lets you combine more than one SAS power for a strong, multi-element attack, however.

Using a Combo Vision takes a bit more than 50% of the SAS gauge for that squadmate, so it’s not something you can use all the time. If you plan on using Combo Visions, make sure to bring SAS replenishing drinks.

Even still, we recommend saving them for boss fights or encounters with large numbers of enemies so you’re not caught short when you need a specific SAS ability.

Combo Visions Aren’t Concurrent SAS Abilities

If you’re looking to activate more than one SAS ability at once, that’s not a Combo Vision. You’ll need to unlock Concurrent SAS Ability in the Brain Map to use these.

How to Use Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions

Hanabi, Yuito, and Kagero fighting Others on Kunad Highway.

Using Combo Visions is simple. Instead of using the SAS ability shoulder button, you’ll use the one opposite it (e.g., “L1” instead of “R1” on PlayStation, for example) and the face button or key corresponding to a party member’s SAS skill.

If you’re stumped trying to complete any of the Scarlet Nexus Combo Vision quests, such as the Kyoka Combo Vision quest or Tsugumi Combo Vision quest, there’s an extra step involved. For these quests, you have to deal the finishing blow with a Combo Vision hit. Just using the attack during a fight won’t count.

That’s all you need to know about Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions, but be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.

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