Our Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane guide has everything you need to know about which of the playable characters to choose first.

Scarlet Nexus: Should You Choose Yuito or Kasane?

Our Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane guide has everything you need to know about which of the playable characters to choose first.
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The first thing you’re tasked with in Scarlet Nexus is deciding between Yuito or Kasane. Both campaigns follow the same overarching story and have several similarities, but the differences make it worth playing both campaigns. So which of Scarlet Nexus‘ playable characters should you choose?

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Kasane’s perspective is completely different, for example, and the companions you’ll fight with change between the campaigns as well. This guide details all the Yuito and Kasane differences and recommends which one to play first.

Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences: The Story

Karen talking to Yuito.  

We’ll avoid going into spoilers here, but there are some differences in how the story unfolds between Yuito and Kasane. At a key point early on, Yuito stays with the main OSF force in New Himuka, while Kasane ends up with a certain someone in Seiran. 

Their stories still intertwine at pivotal moments, especially toward the end, but we recommend playing Yuito’s story first to get a baseline understanding of the plot.

Kasane’s story delves further into Scarlet Nexus’ mysteries and, because of who she departs with, the motivations behind some important decisions the game’s influential characters make.

Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences: Combat

Kasane attacking an enemy with psychokinesis.

Combat is a similar mix of familiar and very different. Both characters use psychokinesis, and it works mostly the same way for each. The primary difference is with their main weapons.

Yuito uses a katana and specializes in close-range combat, but Kasane wields floating knives that let her strike from a distance. 

It alters the combos you’ll pull off. Beyond that, Kasane’s attacks are also a bit floatier and more difficult to weave together, another good reason to play Yuito first.

The biggest difference in combat stems from the companions and the skills they bring to the table.

Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences: Companions

Yuito talking to Hanabi with his back to the camera.

Each protagonist has a fairly fixed set of companions they’ll fight with throughout the story, though it fluctuates at times depending on the situation.

Yuito mostly works with Gemma, Tsugumi, Hanabi, and Luka.

Kasane’s comrades include Shiden, Arashi, and Kyoka, but again, they cross over in certain missions. You’ll occasionally fight with Yuito and Kasane together as well.

Their gifts all differ, but the game adapts to suit who you’re playing as.

For example, Yuito’s route has Others that cloak themselves and require Tsugumi’s clairvoyance. You won’t encounter Others that move at high speeds unless Arashi is in your party, though.

In other words, you’re never at a disadvantage because of which character you chose.

The same applies to companion gifts. The shop only stocks gifts relevant to the companions in your party at a given time, though naturally, you can’t engage in bond episodes with characters not in your party.

That’s all you need to know about Yuito or Kasane in Scarlet Nexus. While either protagonist is worth playing, again, we recommend starting with Yuito to get the most of Kasane’s plot twists.

Be on the lookout for more Scarlet Nexus guides in the coming days, such as which Brain Map skills to get first, and check out our review, where we said Scarlet Nexus is slick, stylish, and fun.

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