Should You Buy Blackstone Key DLC for Dredge? Answered

This is what we know about the Arterial Engine and Sign of Ruin.

This is what we know about the Arterial Engine and Sign of Ruin.

The Dredge Blackstone Key DLC is part of the fishing game’s Deluxe Edition and available as part of a stand-alone $4.99 purchase. The small expansion comes with several different bonuses, including a Workshop on Blackstone Isle, which contains two exclusive items. But should you buy the DLC? 

What’s in the Dredge Blackstone Key DLC? 

Blackstone Isle Workshop Items

The Blackstone Key DLC gives you access to the Blackstone Isle Workshop. If you have the DLC, you’ll be able to enter the workshop the first time you visit the island. Inside you’ll discover two items: The Arterial Engine and the Sign of Ruin.

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The Arterial Engine is basically a giant heart with engine blades that beats in rhythm with your character’s heart. It takes an hour to install and is in an operational state. It only goes 7.4 knots, however, which is slower than every other engine in the game. 

The Sign of Ruin is the real star of the Blackstone Key DLC. This carved stone item installs in a Rods square in your cargo. The Sign of Ruin description says, “It’s sure to draw the attention of those attuned to it.”

When equipped, it increases your rate for catching Aberrant fish. It’s also hypothesized that it may increase attacks on your ship by deep sea creatures during the night, but this hasn’t been confirmed. 

Should You Buy the Blackstone Key DLC? Answered

The Blackstone Key DLC for Dredge only impacts the game by boosting how often you might catch Aberrant Fish — and by proxy, possibly gain more money to get rich fast(er). Otherwise, it doesn’t give you access to any new stories or prompt any new dialogue.

The Blackstone Key DLC can make the game a more enjoyable experience by giving you access to more resources to explore all available options fully, but it isn’t necessary. 

And that answers the question of whether or not you should buy the Dredge Blackstone Key DLC. For more help with the Lovecraftian fishing game, drop anchor at our guides hub.

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