Stuck finding the Skyward Sword Knight Commander? He's easier to find than you think.

Skyward Sword Knight Commander Location and Pumpkin Soup Quest

Stuck finding the Skyward Sword Knight Commander? He's easier to find than you think.
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One of the first quests you’ll find in Skyward Sword HD is the Pumpkin Soup quest, and to finish it, you’ll need to find the Skyward Sword Knight Commander. The trouble is remembering which of the many NPCs you initially meet is the Knight Commander.

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Our Skyward Sword Knight Commander guide covers each step of the pumpkin soup quest and where to find the Knight Commander.

Skyward Sword Knight Commander | Pumpkin Soup Quest

Skyward Sword: Break this candelier.

If you somehow landed here without starting the quest, congratulations! You’ve done a good thing. 

Head to Pumpkin Landing on the island southeast of Skyloft, and go inside. You’ll see a slew of Rupees and a Piece of Heart on a chandelier above the crowded table.

Climb the stairs and roll into the wall until the chandelier drops. The inn owner yells at you and demands help paying off the debt. You can just grab the heart piece and run, but it’s worth sticking this one out.

Speak with him again, and he tasks you with delivering the Knight Commander some hot pumpkin soup.

Skyward Sword Knight Commander | How to Get an Empty Bottle

You need at least one empty bottle for this quest. If you don’t have one yet, go back to Skyloft, and speak with the potion merchant in the Bazaar. She gives you one for free (but you’ll have to pay for the potions).

Skyward Sword Knight Commander | Knight Commander Location

Skyward Sword skyloft map.

You’ve spoken with the Knight Commander already. He’s Eagus, the sparring master at the Knight’s Academy.

Dash out of the Lumpy Pumpkin and off the landing, call your Loftwing, and immediately start ascending. Five minutes is plenty of time to reach the Knight Commander, but picking up extra speed this way is a good idea.

Try aiming for the Knight’s Academy when you drop or at least the Bazaar if your aim is a bit off. Dash toward the sparring hall, head inside, and speak to Eagus.

It’s just the first job the Lumpy Pumpkin owner gives you, but it’s worth your time to do the rest. You’ll get, among other things, another Piece of Heart for paying off your debt.

That’s all you need to know about Skyward Sword HD‘s Knight Commander. Take a gander at some of our other The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword guides.

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