Skyward Sword Paper Quest Choice Guide

The Skyward Sword paper quest forces you to make a tough choice. Here's where to find paper and what to do with Cawlin's letter.

The Skyward Sword paper quest forces you to make a tough choice. Here's where to find paper and what to do with Cawlin's letter.

The Skyward Sword paper quest is one of the game’s lengthier side tasks. It even has a branching ending depending on whether you opt for the toilet paper route or if you’re a decent human being and finish Cawlin’s letter the proper way.

Whatever your choice, it’s worth completing to get more Gratitude Stars for Batreaux. Our Skyward Sword paper guide walks you through both branches and tells you where to get the toilet paper.

Skyward Sword Toilet | How to Start the Toilet Paper Quest

Skyward Sword HD toiler paper? Well, only if you want it to be

You won’t be able to solve the bathroom mystery until after clearing the Earth Temple and defeating the Imprisoned the first time. You’ll also need to finish the Lost Child quest, where you find Kukiel at night by visiting Batreaux’s shack under Skyloft. You can finish that quest after clearing Faron Woods the first time.

When all that’s done, talk to the man in the cafe at the Bazaar or speak with Henya in the Knight’s Academy kitchen. It doesn’t matter which. Either will tell you about the odd, haunting noises echoing throughout the academy at night.

That’s your cue to head back to Link’s room on the first floor and sleep until night.

Skyward Sword Toilet | Where to Find PaperTalking to Cawlin in Skyward Sword HD.

Once night falls, venture into the hallway again. Go to the bathroom door on the first floor; it’s the room right outside the kitchen. You’ll hear a mysterious voice asking for paper, of which you have none right now.

There’s nothing more to do here, so head back to bed.

When dawn comes, find Cawlin, Groose’s short-ish blue-haired crony. He’ll spin a sad tale of unrequited love and ask you to deliver his letter to Karane.

Now you have a choice to make.

Skyward Sword Toilet | Cawlin’s Letter

You can be nice and take Cawlin’s letter to Karane in the Academy classroom. Then you’ll need to find Pipit in the hallways, and if you’ve spoken with Karane before, you already know how the love triangle turns out. This completes the quest and gives you five Gratitude Crystals.

Completing the paper quest in Skyward Sword HD.

Skyward Sword Toilet | Toilet Paper

The other option is the more interesting one. Wait until night again and take Cawlin’s letter to the toilet and the now-grateful hand. Speak with Cawlin the next morning, then after he runs away, sleep in Link’s bed until night once more. 

Now go to Cawlin’s room to witness a scene between Cawlin and the hand, after which you’ll get five Gratitude Crystals.

The Gratitude Crystal outcome is the same regardless of the choice you make, and you can’t get both. If you do deliver Cawlin’s letter, it’s worth looking up the toilet paper path just to see how it turns out, though.

That’s all you need to know about the Skyward Sword toilet quest, but be sure to check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword guides for more tips.

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