Skyward Sword: Where to Plant the Tree of Life

The Skyward Sword Tree of Life can only grow in the perfect place. Here's where that is.

The Skyward Sword Tree of Life can only grow in the perfect place. Here's where that is.
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If you’re wondering where to plant the Tree of Life in Skyward Sword, you’re not alone. Getting the seedling is fairly straightforward, but the game is fairly vague about what to do with it once you do.

If you’re stuck trying to find an essential part of the Hero’s Song, you’re in the right place. Our Skyward Sword Tree of Life guide explains how to get the seedling and where to plant it so you can move on in your adventure.

Reviving the Thunder Dragon

Skyward Sword's yellow Thunder Dragon.

Getting the seed is a fairly straightforward, if lengthy, process. Head into Lanayru Caves, and work your way toward the Lanayru Gorge. You’ll see a conspicuous circle near the gorge’s center. This is what remains of the Thunder Dragon, and lucky for you, Time Stones can bring it back to life — for a little while.

The next steps involve shepherding a minecart carrying a Time Stone through the gorge until it can reach the dragon’s remains. This is more of a chore than a challenge, but the way forward is always clear.

Where to Plant the Tree of Life

Tree of Life after being planted.

Revive the dragon and listen to its story. Then take the path to its east, and you’ll find the seedling. Head back into the sky, and drop down in Faron Woods next. Go into the Sealed Temple near where Groose is, and you’ll find the ideal spot for planting the seedling.

Do that, then return to your time through the time gate. Go back to the Sealed Temple, and retrieve the fruit from it. Give it to the dragon, then claim your prize: the third part of the Hero’s Song.

That’s all you need to know about where to plant the Tree of Life in Skyward Sword, but be sure to check out our other Skyward Sword guides for more tips.

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