SlideShow Tutorial

This is a tutorial for getting you started with slideshows.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Unlike most slideshows you find online, our slideshow format allows you to create a series, tell a story, show off screenshots/art from your favorite game, or a combination of all three.

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There are three different types of media you can add for each slide: images, YouTube videos, and Twitch videos. Each different type can be used in one slideshow, so make any combination you would like.

Each slide you add, regardless of slide media type, has its own content areas.

All The Options

Having this content area for each slide gives you many options. If you have many different screenshots you can give each individual screenshot its own description. If you have an image heavy article, you could take the article and copy and paste a section to each slide. This would give the effect of your slideshow being one article with a slideshow of images. 

This is what makes our slideshow different from other slideshows you have probably come across.

Getting Started

To start a slideshow post, click the Post on GameSkinny button next to your profile.

Next you will want to add a title and category. This is the same for any post.

After deciding on your title and category, you can add a new slide (green button above) with either image, YouTube video or Twitch video. Once you have added a slide, you will be able to save. I suggest clicking save as often as you can. This would also be a good time for you to visit the Bonus Points section where you can add a game, platforms, tags and your skinny.

Don’t Skip This Part!

All of these sections are very important for any post. Games, platforms and tags is necessary for anyone to find your article. Your skinny is important as well because it is your second chance to suck a reader in. Your title should be what entices the reader to click the article, your skinny should be what makes a reader convinced they will read the whole post.

In the image below, you will see where the add new slide button is. Directly below it is a list of your current slides. You can click and drag each slide around to have your desired order.

Some great examples of slideshow have already been done by Mat Westhrope.

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