Sons of the Forest: How to Heal

Wondering how to heal in Sons of the Forest? There are three different methods, outlined in this guide.

Wondering how to heal in Sons of the Forest? There are three different methods, outlined in this guide.

Knowing how to heal in Sons of the Forest is an important factor in surviving beyond just a few days on the cannibal-infested island. There are limited options available, but for those who played The Forest, Endnight Games has kept the ways to mend your wounds mostly the same. But if you’re new to the franchise or wondering how to restore your health, this guide has all the information you need. 

Sons of the Forest Healing Explained

There are three different ways to heal in Sons of the Forest:

  • Medicine
  • Herbal Mixes
  • Food

How to Find Medicine

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The best way to heal in Sons of the Forest is by using medicine, represented by little pill bottles. You’ll start with some after the crash and find some in the luggage that’s scattered around the helicopter.

You can find more in the many crates and caches spread throughout the game, usually around caves or cannibal camps. Note that crates will refill every few days, so you can keep returning to the crash site and finding more meds. It’s possible to infinitely dupe items by following these steps.

How to Craft Herbal Health Mix

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The second form of medicine is one you’re able to make yourself; however, the crafting materials for it aren’t easy to find until later in the game.

Combining Yarrow and Aloe will create Herbal Health Mix, which is similar to Herbal Medicine from The Forest.

Eating For Health

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You can also heal from eating food, but the amount varies greatly depending on what you eat. Plants like berries or mushrooms won’t restore much health, but cooked meat or fish will restore a moderate amount.

You can use a drying rack for meat so that it lasts longer, or you can create a garden and grow edible plants to have a steady supply of food. Your cooked and dried meat can then be stored on shelves to make room for more food.

Food isn’t used only for healing, as you’ll need to keep your hunger meter filled, too. If it falls too low, you’ll take damage from starvation. The same is true for dehydration, so it’s best to set up your camp near a water source.

Sons of the Forest is similar to its predecessor in many ways, and having relatively unchanged healing methods is helpful when you’re first beginning the game. But now that you know how to heal, you’ll make it further in your journey. For more survival tips, check out our other Sons of the Forest guides for help with tasks like finding the Modern Axe or finding the Flashlight.

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