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Soulmask: Best Mounts, Animals, and Tames Locations

If you're looking for mounts, animals, and tames in Soulmask, then check out this guide for all the best locations.

There are over 40 species of tamable and wild animals in Soulmask. Some of them can be used as mounts, while others will serve you only as a source of crafting materials. In this guide, I’ll provide you with all the best mounts, animals, and tame locations in Soulmask, along with tips on how to tame these creatures.

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Best Mounts and Tames Locations in Soulmask

Alpaca and Llama Locations

Alpaca tame location in Soulmask map.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Alpacas and llamas are some of the most popular and easily tamable mounts in Soulmask. They’re quite fast and typically roam the entirety of the grassy hills area in the center of the map, which I marked with the red area above. To catch these creatures, I’d use a simple medium trap, which can be crafted using this recipe at the building workshop:

  • x15 Hardwood.
  • x5 Planks.
  • x20 Thatch.
  • x5 Thick Ropes.

You can use a whole variety of baits to catch them, but I discovered that alpacas specifically like thatch, potato, and quinoa, while llamas are more keen to eat pumpkins, corn, and bananas. Once tamed, their carrying capacity will equal 350 for alpacas and 800 for llamas.

Jaguar Locations

Jaguar tame location in Soulmask map.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Although alpacas and llamas can carry a huge load, they’re not as fast as jaguars when it comes to mount speed. These creatures primarily inhabit the southeastern area of the map, known as the Rainforest. You can use the same medium trap as before, but you need to put fresh meat or fish inside as an effective bait. On top of that, I’d definitely look out for the blue paw prints, known as the jaguar tracks, which will eventually lead you to this animal.

While researching the matter, I noticed that it’s easier to track down a hunting female jaguar who’ll bring the meat to its cub. At this point, both of them are extremely vulnerable and very tamable. On the other hand, if you find an elite jaguar, then don’t even attempt to tame it; it’s simply impossible!

In the rainforest, you can also catch monkeys and scarlet macaws using small traps. But these animals can be tamed only as pets, while such animals as capybara and turkey, which also live in the rainforest, can be used at your farm for breeding.

Ostrich Locations

Ostrich tame location in Soulmask map.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The ostrich is another type of mount in the game, which can be categorized somewhere between the alpaca and the jaguar in terms of both carrying capacity and speed of movement. But ostriches also have a special gliding ability, which reduces fall damage, and this actually makes them unique. You’ll be able to find and tame these cute creatures in the northeastern desert area of the map.

To tame an ostrich, you don’t need to use traps; simply find an egg and hatch it at your base camp. Just place it next to a heater to warm it up, which initiates the hatching process. Once the baby ostrich hatches from the egg, feed it with wild fruit, quinoa, pumpkin, or corn. When it’s all grown up, you can saddle it up and ride!

Snow Leopard Locations

SNow leopard location in Soulmask map.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The last tamable mount in the game is the snow leopard. Basically, think of it as a white jaguar because their stats are almost exactly the same. The capturing and taming techniques are also the same, using a medium trap with meat or fish as bait. To capture snow leopards, you must find their tracks in the northwestern area around a snow mountain.

Best Wild Animal Locations in Soulmask

River and Beach Animal Locations

River and beach animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Unlike tamable creatures and mounts, wild animals can’t be tamed or domesticated for farming purposes in Soulmask. They can only be hunted for crafting materials and other useful resources. One of the richest areas for such wildlife is the river that separates the wetland from the rainforest.

In the marked area, you can find such animals as coconut crabs, electric eels, giant alligators, tortoises, piranhas, and many other types of fish. Alligators are the most dangerous of them all, but they drop thick hide and sharp fangs that are essential crafting materials for your armor pieces. Meanwhile, piranhas, electric eels, and regular fish can only be used as food sources in the game.

Caves and Caverns Animal Locations

Caves and caverns animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Smaller but potentially more dangerous animals are hiding inside caves and caverns. The only area on the map that has plenty of caves is located in the central west of the map, which I marked with the yellow color above. There, I spotted bats, centipedes, rats, scorpions, and spiders. The flying bats drop claws that can be used for crafting gauntlets, while the centipedes drop venom, which is used in herbicides, pesticides, and poisons. But if you can’t find centipedes, then scorpions and spiders can also drop venom.

Forest Animal Locations

Forest animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Both forests in the north and south, such as the dark and giant wood forest and the volcanic forest, are inhabited by a wide array of wild animals. Some of the most important ones are boars, wolves, elephants, pronghorns, and deer. Note that the further to the north you move into the snowy areas, you’ll start encountering brown bears, mammoths, and arctic wolves.

The strongest ones are obviously elephants and mammoths. Both of them drop premium thick hide, which is used in crafting premium thick leather. Arctic wolves and brown bears drop the premium claws necessary for premium bone powder production.

Meadow Animal Locations

Meadow animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

An area to the south of the cave jungle is called meadows. That’s where you’ll find such large animals as bison, iracoterio, moose, and sometimes even bears. Bison and moose are among the few creatures that drop premium sharp horns that are used for crafting iron shoes. But iracoterio isn’t as useful and usually drops nothing else except meat and beast hide.

Volcano Animal Locations

Volcano animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The volcanic regions in the southwest and northeast are not as desolate as one might think. Here, you can find such animals as armadillos, lizards, bush dogs, marmots, monitor lizards, wasteland wolves, and even wild lions. Armadillos are especially valuable as they drop premium and rare shells, which can be used to craft iron and steel armor. Bush dogs and marmots drop sharp fangs that are required for crafting bronze gear and bone hammers. Wasteland wolves and wild lions drop premium claws that are necessary for crafting iron gloves.

Wetland Animal Locations

Wetland animal location in Soulmask
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The central area also has wetlands, which are flooded areas where you can find such wild animals as anacondas and arrow-poison frogs. The anacondas drop their skin, which can be used in such materials as premium leather and heat-proof mods. Meanwhile, arrow poison frogs can be used to extract premium venom, which can also be used as both a weapon and a medicine.

That’s it for my guide to all the best mounts, animals, and tames locations in Soulmask. Stay tuned for more Soulmask tips and tricks articles right here.

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