Sacrificing to Kali is well-worth it in Spelunky 2 for the Kapala and other rewards. Here's what you need to know.

Spelunky 2 Kali Sacrifice Guide: Why Do It?

Sacrificing to Kali is well-worth it in Spelunky 2 for the Kapala and other rewards. Here's what you need to know.

Spelunky 2 adds to the Spelunky HD formula more than it detracts, meaning features like the Kali’s sacrificial altar are still intact and just as impactful as ever. Sacrificing to Kali using the altar may not seem like a worthwhile endeavor at first glance, but it can be a key facet in making your runs last longer.

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So let’s go into why you should sacrifice to Kali, and then we’ll talk about how to curry her favor for the ultimate reward: the Kapala.

Why Sacrifice to Kali in Spelunky 2?

Offering Kali sacrifices nets you some random items every few points you garner with her, but all her gifts pale compared to the Kapala.

What is the Kapala?

The Kapala is an empty skull that fills with blood as you beat on enemies, provided you touch the blood that spews from them. Heck, even your own blood on-hit will contribute to the Kapala’s well.

You will be granted one heart once the skull fills with blood, after which the whole cycle will start again. There is no limit to how many hearts you can accumulate.

How to Sacrifice to Kali in Spelunky 2

Garnering favor with Spelunky‘s own goddess of death means you’ve got to offer up some blood for her to feast upon, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

Any enemy that can be knocked out and picked up, and even the maiden (probably dog) can be placed on the Kali’s altar either alive or dead to gain points towards the Kapala and its lesser rewards.

The points of Kali’s favor are a hidden value, but it’s important to know that living bodies grant more points than dead ones.

You’re in luck if you find an altar early in a run, and sometimes it can be present in the first two or three levels. If you’re serious about getting the Kapala, you’ll need to seek it out and be mindful of any enemies you could potentially knock out or kill and carry over to the altar to be sacrificed.

Sacrificing the maiden (which, again, is probably a dog) to Kali is more important than carrying to the exit for that paltry 1 heart, as the Kapala can be a figurative fountain of youth for your character. Don’t pass up opportunities to sacrifice the maiden if they arise and you don’t have the Kapala yet.

Sacrificial Altar Use After Getting the Kapala

Don’t ignore altars after you get the Kapala. You can use them as a free source of blood, provided you place a sacrifice on it.

Since bodies explode when sacrificed, this is a great way to add additional blood to your cup and gain some hearts. There are also further rewards for sacrifices after the Kapala, though none are as good as the greedy skull itself.

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