SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake — Where to Find all 7 Fortune Cookies

If you're wondering where to find all of the fortune cookies in Karate Downtown in The Cosmic Shake, here are all of their locations.

If you're wondering where to find all of the fortune cookies in Karate Downtown in The Cosmic Shake, here are all of their locations.
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As you progress through SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, you start to get missions from the residents of Bikini Bottom. One of the first ones you get is from the nurse, and it requires you to travel back to the second world of the game to collect fortune cookies. This side quest tasks you with finding the 7 fortune cookies scattered throughout Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom. 

All 7 Fortune Cookie Locations in Karate Downtown

Here is where to find each of the 7 fortune cookies in Spongebob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. You can complete this side quest in the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom world.

Fortune Cookie 1 Location

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After you walk the red carpet in Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom, you enter a lot full of trailers. The first fortune cookie is on a ledge you need to climb a trailer to reach. Use a box to jump onto the trailer under the ledge, and from there, you can glide over and grab the first cookie. 

Fortune Cookie 2 Location

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The second fortune cookie is sitting on a table in the Backlot section of Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom. It is near the critical path. 

Fortune Cookie 3 Location

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This collectible is found early on in the autoscrolling section, where Squidward forces you to be in his movie. As soon as you see them, prioritize breaking a pile of boxes blocking the entrance to a section in the foreground. You can only get the fortune cookie if you take this path. 

Fortune Cookie 4 Location

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In the Back Alley section of the Karate Downtown, you want to ground pound (belly flop) onto the trashcan near the lamp post. The fortune cookie is hiding there. 

Fortune Cookie 5 Location

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In the Paparazzi Street section, you’ll find this fortune cookie sitting along the critical path. It is right near the food stand before the bouncer standing at the end of the street. 

Fortune Cookie 6 Location

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Right before you exit the First Nautical Bank area, this fortune cookie will be in the corner, to the right of the life preserver bounce pad that you’ll need to take to move to the next section. 

Fortune Cookie 7 Location

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The last fortune cookie is found after you exit the highway section, where you’re riding on SpongeBob’s bike. The collectible will be in the middle of the circle of gongs at the front of the dojo. 

Once you’ve found the fortune cookies, you can simply go back to Bikini Bottom and talk to the nurse for your reward. You’ll gain one of the 8 Bikini Bottom gold coins. The rest can be found by completing the other side missions you get in the hub area. For more tips on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, head on over to the hub page for the game

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