Stack: Tips and Tricks to Stack High

Stack is a great time-waster, but one that requires a bit of skill to accomplish.

Stack is a great time-waster, but one that requires a bit of skill to accomplish.

Stack is a newly released mobile title from developer Kethchapp that requires skill, concentration, and careful timing. Basically, the entire point of the game is to stack blocks as high as possible. The catch to the popular game, however, is that when you mess up, pieces of the blocks are shaved off and they become smaller. This, subsequently, makes it much harder to keep stacking into the sky.

After playing for quite some time, we’d like to offer some basic tips and tricks to ensure you can stack as high as possible.

The Basics

After starting the game, blocks will begin sliding in from the upper left and right sides of the screen. As the block floats above your fledgling tower, tap your screen in order to place it. Your goal, obviously, is to build it as high as possible. 

In order to build the tower, you need to center the blocks as best as you can. Upon centering the new layer, a flash will appear on the screen. Keep this momentum up and the flashes will become bigger and brighter. Center enough new layers in a row and you will earn a larger sized block, which ensures there will be more room to set new blocks down.

Running Up The Score

The entire point of the game is to get the highest score possible, but things get more difficult as you do this. Blocks will move faster, so timing your taps perfectly will become more important.

Every 15 or 20 seconds, the blocks will speed up more.  After a while — thankfully –the game stops speeding up, which should offer a nice respite. This break will allow you to time your taps once more.

Increase That Accuracy

Accuracy is the entire point of this game. If you mess up while tapping down a layer, then that layer gets shaved off on the sides; making it smaller. The smaller the layer, the more trouble you are going to have while trying to build your tower.

In the beginning, make your taps as accurate as you possibly can. This will ensure the long-run is a bit easier. Sure, the error margin is a bit bigger when the blocks are larger, but you actually want to have that extra room for later on.

Overall, Stack is all about luck and timing. It will take some practice to get things up to the top, but within ten minutes or so, you should have found your rhythm.

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