Star Wars Battlefront Beginner Tips and Tricks

This guide has everything you need to get started in Star Wars Battlefront!

Star Wars Battlefront has several game modes to keep you busy. There are also multiple customization options. The gameplay can change drastically depending on which mode you play and there is a lot to take in when starting.

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I’ll help you get the basics of Star Wars Battlefront, especially if you have never played one before. I’ll also go over each game mode and give you the basics on customization.

This guide will cover everything about getting started in Star Wars Battlefront including:

  • Game Modes and Mechanics – All 9 game modes, how to play, and what you need to do to win in each.
  • Missions – The single or 2 player options.
  • Collect – The customization options you can unlock.
  • Stats – All your stats, challenges, and more.

Game Modes and Mechanics

Each game mode has its own rules and I’ll go over all of them. First, I want to give you a quick overview of what you can do in Battlefront.


This is where most of your play will be, unless you only play the special modes. You play as a Rebel or Imperial solider and run around with a blaster. You can customize their appearance, loadout and more, but I’ll get to that later.

Hero or Villain

These are special, iconic series characters that consists of 3 heroes and 3 villains.

Heroes – Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo.

Villains – Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett.

Each one has special combat mechanics and can kill more easily. You can pick up an item during normal game modes that lets you play as one them. There are also game modes focused on playing heroes and villains.

Star Wars Battlefront Boba Fett


You can pilot several vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront. In normal games, you can get item pick-ups to use vehicles like Walkers and Ships. There is also a game mode that only allows ship combat.

If you are playing with one or more friends, you can set one of them as your partner. You can spawn on your partner during combat, or use their star card hand. More on star cards in the Collect section of this guide.

There is a tutorial when you first start the game and I highly suggest you complete all of them before playing the other game modes.

Now for the game modes. I’ll also list how many maps you can play on in each game mode.

Blast – 9 maps

This is your standard team deathmatch. You get points based on kills and the team with the highest score, wins.

Supremacy – 4 maps

This is a huge battle with up to 40 players. You play on huge maps and try to take control over all the points in the map. Each team will have one point they can capture at a time. Your goal is to push the enemy back to their last point and capture it.

Walker Assault – 4 maps

The Rebels must defend their base while the Imperials attack with AT-AT walkers. There are uplinks that each team can control. Rebels can damage the walkers when they control all uplinks.

Fighter Squadron – 4 maps

A fighter ship only game mode. There are A.I. ships as well as other players, and you get points for killing both. Players can get hero ships, like Millennium Falcon, which are very hard to destroy.

There are also transport ships that appear and your team must either protect it or destroy it. If you must destroy, you get several points for doing so.

Cargo – 4 maps

This is the same thing as capture the flag. You must take the enemy cargo from their base and bring it back to your base, while defending your own. The team with the most captures, wins.

Droid Run – 6 maps

This is similar to a zone control game, but slightly different. There are 3 Droids on the map and you must capture them all to win. If time runs out, the team with the most Droids captured, wins.

The Droids also move around, so it makes the game mode slightly more chaotic.

Drop Zone – 6 maps

This is like a team king of the hill. Drop zones appear throughout the game and your team must hold the point until it is captured. First team to 5 wins, or the team with the most captures when time runs out.

Star Wars Battlefront game modes

Hero Hunt – 7 maps

In this game mode, one player plays as a hero, and the rest try to kill the hero. The player that lands the killing blow becomes the next hero. You only get points for killing the hero and kills as the hero.

Heroes vs. Villains – 9 maps

All heroes and villains play at the same time in this round-based game mode. Each team has 3 players as heroes or villains and 3 as soldiers. Each round is over when all 3 heroes or villains on one side dies.

Hero or villain players that die can respawn as normal soliders. Leia and Palpatine can have 2 guards. These are characters with special weapons that other players can choose, as long as that hero or villain is alive.


These are modes you can play solo or with one other player.


There two types of battles: Normal and Hero.

Both game modes involve you fighting against an enemy force and collecting their tokens when you kill them. When you get 100 points, you win. Hero battles let you play as a hero the entire game.

You can play this alone or against someone. It also allows split-screen.


You can play this solo, with a friend, or split-screen. In this game mode, you must fight waves of enemies until the match is over.


There are so many customization options and things to unlock. First, I’ll go over Star Cards.

Star Cards

These are items you can equip your character with to use during battle. They come in 2 types: Normal and Charged.

Normal cards give special weapon or utility skills that you can use on cooldown during a match. These are things like grenades, jump packs, and rifle shots. After you use one, you must wait for it to recharge before you can use it again.

Charge Cards have a limited number of uses and give you a type of power up, such as personal shield or increased accuracy for a short time. You can get more charges during matches, or buy them with credits outside of a match.

You can select 2 normal cards and 1 charge card for your hand. When you rank up enough, you can save multiple hands so you can switch during battle.

If you have a friend you play with a lot, try organizing with cards each of you will get. You can have access to a greater amount by using them as your partner.

There are also traits you can unlock, starting at rank 15. These are passive abilities that boost your character in some way. They can do things like reduce the damage you take, reset weapon heat when you get a kill, or give you a chance to get a power up from kills.

You can only set one trait at a time.


Star Wars Battlefront Customization

There are 11 blasters you can unlock and 125 heads.

Blasters are the main weapons when playing as soldiers. 

The heads are what your soldiers look like. You can select options for Rebel and Empire and you will play as that whenever you join a game.

These, as well as Star Cards, require credits to buy. You gain these from playing matches, or getting stars in the Base Command app. Check out my Star Wars Battlefront Companion app guide for more details.

You also need to rank up for many of them. You get experience points to rank up from playing game modes.


You can look at all the detailed stats you can think of, from number of kill or wins, to how long you’ve played. There are also many challenges you can complete.

There are 60 Challenges in the game that give you credits and experience points for your rank. You can only complete 3 at a time and they are random. You can spend 500 credits on any challenge, that isn’t the tutorial, to randomly select a different one.

That’s it for my Star Wars Battlefront Beginner Tips and Tricks. Let me know if you have any questions!

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