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Starfield: Can You Control Robots? Answered

Buddy up with a bot and deactivate others in Starfield.

You might be wondering if you can control robots in Starfield. Since the game is set hundreds of years in the future, it’s a given that humanity’s technological expertise has taken leaps and bounds. Of course, robots and mechs are a common sci-fi trope, so it makes sense that these machines are available, right? Well, our guide discusses what you can expect once you encounter them.

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Can You Control Robots in Starfield? Answered

There are Starfield robots that you can interact with and, in some cases, you’ll have a very limited form of control. I’ve included a few details regarding what you can and can’t do.

Vasco the Robot

Vasco, named after the explorer Vasco de Gama, is a machine assistant in the Constellation group, as well as a potential crew member. In fact, he’s the first sidekick that joins you in the campaign. His skills include Aneutronic Fusion 1, Shield Systems 2, and EM Weapon Systems 1.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have Vasco tag along for most of my travels. He’s not a full-fledged companion, which means he doesn’t have his own quests or important backstory. At best, I just had him attack enemies and carry extra loot. I immediately replaced him with Sarah Morgan once she became available.

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Robot Sentries and Turrets

From time to time, you’ll gain limited control of robots in Starfield. By robots, we mean sentries, hounds, and turrets. This is possible only if the area has a nearby terminal that lets you hack into their systems. Here’s a quick summary:

  • You can check Remote Robot Control and/or Remote Turret Control on a terminal.
  • You can activate or deactivate these machines.
  • Likewise, it’s possible to update the Friend/Foe settings. Doing so will cause the bots to attack your opponents.
  • If you override this system, the turret or robot will attack anything on sight.
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Lastly, Starfield robots also include mechs, at least in the background lore. These giant wanzers used to be part of military forces. However, after a devastating war, they’ve been completely outlawed. As such, large mech platforms are but a forgotten relic of the past by the time you begin the campaign.

That’s everything you need to know about how to control robots in Starfield. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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