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Starfield: How to Get the Mercury Spacesuit

Acquire the Mercury Spacesuit set in Starfield. It's a relic from a bygone age.

You might be wondering how to get the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield. This is a unique armor set that can be discovered much later in the campaign. Our guide discusses the location of these gear pieces, as well as their stats. Spoilers follow.

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How to Get the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield

The Starfield Mercury Spacesuit is found in the NASA Landmark on Earth. You’ll visit the location as part of the Unearthed mission, which occurs later in the campaign.

How to Complete the Unearthed Mission

Here’s a quick summary for the Unearthed mission for those who want to obtain the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield:

  • Progress through the campaign until you meet the Hunter and Emissary Starborn on their ship. You’re given the Moon Base Key, which allows you to enter the Nova Galactic Base on the Moon.
  • After completing the objective in the base, a marker for the NASA Landmark on Earth will appear on the map. Travel to Earth and land on the site, which is somewhere in Florida.
  • In the game, Earth has turned into a barren wasteland. I must admit that I was surprised when I reached our home planet in-game. It was a sobering thought knowing the events that transpired.
  • In the distance, you’ll see a towering structure, as well as a spacecraft that had been left in ruins. Once you arrive at the large gallery, check the display case that has the spacesuit.

Mercury Spacesuit Stats

As of the time of this writing, I’m unable to confirm if the stats and mods for the Starfield Mercury Spacesuit armor set are similar for all players or if they’re randomized. In my case, I received the following gear pieces:

  • Mercury Space Helmet — Physical 50, Energy 52, EM 54; Thermal/Corrosive/Airborne/Radiation 15; Sensor Array mod.
  • Mercury Pack — Physical 42, Energy 58, EM 50; Thermal/Corrosive/Airborne/Radiation 20; Hazard Protection and Medic mods.
  • Mercury Spacesuit — Physical 100, Energy 92, EM 100; Thermal/Corrosive/Airborne/Radiation 25; Pocketed mod.

All items are of common rarity but, at the very least, you know you got unique stuff that are relics from a bygone age. When you’re done, continue with the mission so you can complete it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield. You can also try looking for the Va’ruun Spacesuit armor set while you’re out exploring. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our guides hub.

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