Starfield: Should You Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship

Governor Hurst of Cydonia tasks you with destroying his stolen ship in Starfield. But should you do it?

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In Starfield, while working for Trevor in Cydonia, you’ll need to do a small errand for Governor Hurst. Crimson Fleet pirates have stolen his ship, and he wants it destroyed. Complete this favor, and the taxes owed on the merchandise you need to acquire will be overlooked. However, you can board the ship to learn the real reason Hurst wants it destroyed. Should you just destroy Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield?

Should You Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship in Starfield?

During the Red Tape Runaround quest, you’ll be tasked by Peter Brennan to pick up a package of his that Governor Hurst is holding. Upon speaking with Hurst, you’ll learn that Brennan has a rather large tax bill that hasn’t been paid. Hurst will only release the package to you if you do him a favor. That favor? Destroy his ship that’s been stolen by pirates.

If you’re like me and hacked Hurst’s private computer, then you know he’s trying to hide something. Or you might have an inkling that there’s more to the situation. Well, you’re right. Head to Umbriel, where the ship was last spotted. You’ll be confronted by the Crimson Fleet, but you can talk your way onboard the vessel. At this point, you can either destroy the ship or dock to figure out what’s really going on.

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Destroy Hurst’s Ship

If you decide to destroy Hurst’s ship at any point — either right when you first see it or after you board — the pirates will turn the ship on you in a bout of combat. Once they’re defeated, you’ll be able to return to the Governor, and he’ll give you the necessary package free of charge. Plus, you get 5,500 credits for a job well done. The quest will end with no follow-up actions.

Board Hurst’s Ship

This is where you’ll learn that Hurst hired the pirates himself. Boarding the ship reveals the pirates knew you weren’t one of them, but they can be persuaded not to kill you and fess up to what Hurst asked them to do. A slate with the details will be given to you, and you’ll have an opportunity to investigate the ship for more evidence. The body of Hurst’s lover will be found, along with more evidence.

Blackmail Governor Hurst

When you return to Hurst, you’ll have the opportunity to blackmail him. However, this doesn’t go over so well with any of the Constellation companions, even Andreja. This does net you 12,000 credits, though.

If you decide not to blackmail him, you still have the opportunity to do something with the data. Head over to UC Security with the slate in your inventory and speak with CDR Woodward. Hand over the evidence, and you’ll be awarded 5,000 credits for bringing the corruption to light.

Those are the various options you have for destroying Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield. If you’re looking for the most EXP, credits, and evidence of his affair, boarding the ship and then destroying it afterwards is the best way to go. For more quest decision outcomes, check out our expansive guide library.

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