Starfield: Should You Spare or Kill Tomisar? Choice Guide

Tomisar is Andreja's connection with House Va'Ruun in Starfield. Here are the outcomes of sparing or killing him.

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Andreja’s companion quest Divided Loyalties can end in either bloodshed or with lenity in Starfield. Finally able to face Tomisar, the one who betrayed her and killed her friends, you’re given a few different choices during the tense conversation. Either you can stay Andreja’s hand, or you can choose violence. Here are the outcomes of sparing or killing Tomisar in Starfield.

Should You Spare or Kill Tomisar in Starfield?

Divided Loyalties focuses on Andreja attempting to heal the wounds caused by a Va’Ruun Zealot attack on her friends. The culmination of this is confronting Tomisar, her only point of contact with House Va’Ruun. Towards the end of their argument, you’re forced to make a decision: spare or kill him. None of the choices impact the final outcome of Divided Loyalties, or whether you can romance her or remain friends.

Spare Tomisar

If you choose to spare Tomisar, Andreja’s future with House Va’Ruun is unsure. While he states that the council will hear of her transgressions, she retorts that they may be interested in her evidence of his deception. It’s unclear if he’ll follow through on his threat. When returning to the Lodge, Andreja will be unassured that it was the correct decision.

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Kill Tomisar

If you decide that Tomisar’s life should come to an end, there’s another choice to be made. Should Andreja do the deed, she’ll be assured of her decision and stand proud against potential future retribution. She no longer has a way back to House Va’Ruun, but her conscience is clear.

Killing Tomisar yourself fills Andreja with regret for not doing it herself. While there’s a possibility that she can still return home, her mental state won’t be as positive as it could be.

Both options allow you to loot Tomisar’s body, which gives you the apparel item Tomisar’s Outfit. Wearing it provides +15 to Physical, Energy, EM, and Thermal damage. It also provides +10 Airborne resistance. In addition to the base states, it grants the wearer a +5% Persuasion chance.

Those are the outcomes for sparing or killing Tomisar in Starfield. Completing the Divided Loyalties mission rewards you with credits, 250 EXP, and the ability to romance Andreja. For more companion quest walkthroughs, who you can romance, or where to find unique items, check out our guides hub.

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