Need to resupply your food, arrows, or repair kits? We show you where every single merchant type and quest giver is found in Stoneshard's Early Access areas.

Stoneshard NPC and Merchant Locations

Need to resupply your food, arrows, or repair kits? We show you where every single merchant type and quest giver is found in Stoneshard's Early Access areas.

You’ll be counting every last arrow, apple, and gold piece in Ink Stains’ difficult rogue-like RPG, which is why you need to know all of the Stoneshard NPC locations ahead of time. Trust me, this info will help you stay alive. 

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Below we list every vendor from which buying items is an option. We also outline the elder for accepting quests in the two main towns currently available in Early Acces.

When looking for these characters, keep in mind that Stoneshard merchants follow a day/night cycle. When the sun goes down, they will leave the positions marked below and sleep inside their homes, the inn, or in the barracks.

The list below covers the locations in Osbrook and Mannshire as of patch These locations may change drastically as Early Access continues and more areas are added! If you don’t see these vendors and quest-givers in the locations marked below, drop us a message and we’ll update to the latest Stoneshard patch version.

Osbrook NPC Locations

Osbrook is the starting town, which comes after completing the prologue and making a new character. After Verenn’s misadventures in the Corrupted Chapel, you automatically start at the first floor of the in.

  • Type: Innkeepers
    • Name: Brukk and Kora
    • Sells: Dark Ale, Brandy, Spirit, Waterskin, Random Food
    • Location: Starting Inn (building with the foaming mug and the drunk lying by the woodpile)

  • Type: Emissary
    • Name: Rickerd
    • Sells: Mannshire Fortified, Waterskin, Apple
    • Location: Second floor of Inn at the south edge of the common room by the wall

  • Type: Smith
    • Name: Jebar
    • Sells: Coal, Crowbar, Metal Weapons and Armor
    • Location: Southwest of starting Inn, immediately west of food vendors

  • Type: Food Trader, Fruit Trader, Butcher, Merchant
    • Name: Margyt, Gina, Ormond, Bert
    • Sells: Most Food and Beverage items (Margyt, Gina, Ormond), Skill Treatises, Jewelry, and Disenchant Scrolls (Bert) 
    • Location: Southeast of starting Inn, west of smith

  • Type: Tailor
    • Name: Hold
    • Sells: Cloth and Leather Armor, Coin Purse, Pelts, Antlers, Amber
    • Location: House with the image of white shears, southwest of food vendors, east of carpenter’s house

  • Type: Carpenter
    • Name: Jurg
    • Sells: Wood Weapons, Armor, Junk
    • Location: House with brown the ax sign west of tailor’s house, south of large woodpiles

  • Type: Elder
    • Name: Odar
    • Sells: Quests, World Map
    • Location: Second floor of the Barracks (large building with the chicken coop courtyard to the immediate southeast of the starting Inn and slightly northeast of food vendors)

  • Type: Herbalist
    • Name: Fried
    • Sells: Antitoxin, Bandages, Ingredients, Scroll Of Identification
    • Location: House with mortar and pestle sign at the far south end of Osbrook, southeast of the tailor’s house

  • Type: Miller
    • Name: Alan
    • Sells: Dark Ale, Bread Food items
    • Location: Leave Osbrook via the western road and keep traveling west until you see the house with the windmill. If you leave south of the road by the exit near the carpenter’s house, you will need to go north through the wheat field first.

Mannshire NPC Locations

Mannshire has better weapons and armor than Osbrook (especially for the sorceress and ranger). However, I don’t recommend immediately traveling here. The roads are exceedingly dangerous for a low-level character, and many of the NPCs have less gold to buy things.

If you absolutely want to see Mannshire early but don’t want to deal with ambushes by wolves, bears, bandits, and skeletons, make certain to stay along the top or side edge of the square while traveling (hug closely to the arrows indicating the edge of the map). You are least likely to come across anything but rabbits this way.

To reach Mannshire the quickest, leave Osbrook via the southern road, then travel:

  • East nine squares
  • South three squares
  • East one square

When you get there and need to resupply your waterskin, the well is found right next to the church and south of the food vendors.

  • Type: Governor
    • Name: Mann
    • Sells: Repair Kit, Spirits
    • Location: Main floor of the dilapidated keep with two guards at the far north end of town (west of the road and the field of sheep)

  • Type: Merchant, Vegetable Trader, Food Trader, Food Trader
    • Name: Gerlot, Irma, Agna, Gunda
    • Sells: Skill Treatises, Weapons, Armor, Bandages (Gerlot), most Food and Beverage types except Meat (Irma, Agna, Gunda)
    • Location: Vendors square to the southeast of the governor’s keep, west of the road


  • Type: Innkeeper
    • Name: Arenn
    • Sells: Dark Ale, Brandy, Most Food items
    • Location: Building with the beer mug sign to the southwest of the food vendor area and southeast of the elder’s house 

  • Type: Elder
    • Name: Knud
    • Sells: Quests, World Map
    • Location: South of governor’s keep, slightly northwest of the Inn

  • Type: Smith, Apprentice
    • Name: Dietrich, Lynd
    • Sells: Metal Weapons and Armor, Pyromancer’s Staff (Dietrich), Sorceress and Ranger Armor, Repair Kit, Surgeon’s Toolkit (Lynd)
    • Location: South of the Inn, east of Frida’s house (small building with chickens in the yard)

  • Type: Carpenter
    • Name: Dirk
    • Sells: Bows, Shields, Geomancer Staff
    • Location: Northeast of the food vendors, directly north of the church building with red-tile roof

  • Type: Priest
    • Name: Josh
    • Sells: Antitoxin, Bandage, Healing Salve, Splint, Enchantment Scroll, Identification Scroll, Disenchantment Scroll
    • Location: Inside the church building directly east of the food vendors and south of the carpenter’s house

And that’s it for Stoneshard’s NPC vendor and merchant locations. Stay tuned for more Stoneshard NPC locations to be added as additional content arrives during the Early Access period.

Have you found other merchants and quest givers we missed? Let us know in the comments. For more, we’ve put together a list of articles with a bunch of tips for Stoneshard, including a basic walkthrough, full item list and where to sell items, and how to beat the first boss and get through the prologue. 

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