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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How to Get and Use a Fishing Rod

How to get and use a fishing rod in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is relaxing enough without it, but fishing takes the cozy to a whole new level. You need to get a Fishing Rod to start, though. In this guide we’ll go over how to get your Fishing Rod in SoS: A Wonderful Life.

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How to Get a Fishing Rod in SoS: A Wonderful Life

  • The Fishing Rod is available two days of the season.
  • It costs 500G.
  • You can purchase it as early as Day 3.

The Fishing Rod is purchased from Van when he sets up his market, which is on Day 3 and Day 8 of each season. His market starts at noon, and you can find it between the Bluebird cafe and the inn.

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The Fishing Rod costs 500G, so you can get it on Day 3 with the money you begin the game with. I tend to buy Fodder first for the cow that you get at the start, and then the Fishing Rod and Brush are my next purchases. I also hunt for herbs and flowers to sell to Van right away since he’ll buy them even when you can’t sell them in the bin on your farm.

How to Use a Fishing Rod in SoS: A Wonderful Life

After you have the Fishing Rod, you can find it with your other tools. To use it, select it when you’re close to water. The Use button in the corner will switch to say Fish, and you can then cast into the water.

Different from farming sims like Stardew Valley, fishing in Story of Seasons is mostly a waiting game. There’s no minigame to get a fish. You simply cast, wait for the exclamation point to appear over your bobber, and hit the control that says Fish again to reel it in.

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And with that, you can begin to gather a steady supply of fish that you can use for other things like cooking or fulfilling villager requests. Check out more Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life guides from us as we work to provide content for this charming farming simulator.

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