Sun Haven: How to Get Chromafin

Here's how to get the legendary Chromafin fish in Sun Haven.

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There are plenty of fish to discover in Sun Haven, some rarer than others. The Chromafin is a legendary species that can be challenging to catch, but you’ll want to seek it out to get a hefty bit of gold — or mana if you choose. So where can you find it? Here’s how to get Chromafin in Sun Haven.

How to Get Chromafin in Sun Haven

The Chromafin can be found in a few locations and is available in all seasons. Here are all of the fishing areas where you could catch one.

  • Sun Haven Town
  • Sun Haven Farm
  • The East Wilderness
  • The West
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I had my best luck catching a Chromafin in the river east of the Bakery and Jun’s House. I managed to catch one on Day 3 by focusing on the fishing skill, so I wouldn’t say it’s particularly challenging to find one. However, the fishing mini-game is definitely tough when it comes to this one.

To catch the Chromafin, you’ll need to be quick on the trigger because the game’s fishing meter moves quickly for legendaries. I improved my odds by upgrading my Firm Hand Fishing Skill rank. The skill reduces the difficulty of the fishing mini-game by 5-15% depending on what tier you are upgraded to.

Chromafin Stats

The Chromafin is a legendary fish, so it sells for a pretty penny. Its base price is 800 gold and will increase by 5 gold up to 815 if you have the Freshly Caught skill. The fish grants 45 mana if you choose to consume it, but I think selling it is the way to go.

You’ll gain 100 Fishing XP each time you catch a Chromafin. However, if you have the Bonding Experience skill unlocked, you’ll gain an additional 3, 5, or 7. The Bonding Experience Skill becomes available once you reach tier III of the Fishing skill tree.

Well, that’s how to get Chromafin in Sun Haven. We’ve got a growing Sun Haven guides hub to discover, and cover need-to-knows like the Museum Bundle Checklist here.

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