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Super Mario RPG: Best Weapons and How to Get Them

Equip your characters with the best weapons using our guide for Super Mario RPG Remake.

There are five characters who join your quest, and each one has access to a number of unique weapons. Our guide will provide you with a list of the best weapons in Super Mario RPG for every character, including tips on how to get them all.

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Best Weapons and How to Get Them in Super Mario RPG

Here’s a quick breakdown of our list of the best weapons in Super Mario RPG:

  • Lazy Shell (Mario)
  • Star Gun (Geno)
  • Froggie Stick (Mallow)
  • Drill Claw (Bowser)
  • Frying Pan (Princess Peach)

Best Weapon for Mario: Lazy Shell

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There’s no better option for Mario than the Lazy Shell weapon, which can also be used as armor. I highly recommend using two shells at once, one as armor and another as a weapon, to make the game as easy as possible for you. This would be an excellent choice for new players who want to complete the game in easy mode.

I must warn you that equipping Lazy Shell as armor will reduce the attack damage, so you’ll need to decide what’s best for you. For example, you could give one Lazy Shell to your companion as armor and use it exclusively as a weapon for the Mario character.

How to Get the Lazy Shell

  1. Defeat Valentina and restore the Nimbus Castle.
  2. Speek to Beezo in the east of Nimbus Land, who’ll give you the Seed.
  3. Defeat the Shy Away enemy in the southeast of Nimbus Land, who’ll drop the Fertilizer.
  4. Give both the Seed and the Fertilizer to the Toad gardener in Rose Town.
  5. Toad will reward you with the Lazy Shell in return.

Best Weapon for Geno: Star Gun

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If you want to increase Geno’s attack power and deal more damage, then the Star Gun would be a perfect choice for him, as it enhances his combat power by 57 points. What I like the most about it is that it’s a ranged weapon, which gives you an advantage in most battles by keeping your distance from the enemies.

The only drawback of this weapon is that you can’t get it very early in the game, but you could use other weapons like Hand Gun or Double Punch, which can be obtained earlier before you get to the Star Gun.

How to Get the Star Gun

  1. Travel to the Bowser’s Keep trial course location.
  2. Reach the Bowser’s Keep Part 2 challenges.
  3. Pass through the first four rooms.
  4. Reach Croco and purchase the items you need from him.
  5. Clear the four out of six doors in the next room (must be either Puzzle or Battle Courses).
  6. Once done, you’ll receive the Star Gun as a reward.

Best Weapon for Mallow: Froggie Stick

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Froggie Stick not only looks cool on Mallow, but also increases his attack power by 20 points. On top of that, you can use it to trigger an Action Command, which is a cool trick that allows your entire team to fill up the action gauge. Once you’ve reached 100% charge in time, your party will be able to use a Triple Move.

But as is the case with Geno’s Star Gun, the Froggie Stick staff comes only later in the game. The other best alternative would be Sonic Cymbals, which increase Mallow’s physical damage.

How to Get Froggie Stick

  1. Obtain a Rare Frog Coin using one of the following methods:
    • Retrieve the Toad’s wallet stolen by Croco.
    • Trade a Rare Mushroom at the Mushroom Boy Shop.
    • Complete the Scale the Cliff minigame at Land’s End.
  2. Use the Rare Frog Coin to purchase a Cricket Pie at the Mushroom Kingdom item shop.
  3. Bring the Cricket Pie to Frog Sage at the Tadpole Pond, who’ll reward you with the Froggie Stick.

Best Weapon for Bowser: Drill Claw

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Many Super Mario RPG players consider Chomp to be the best weapon for Bowser, but I believe that Drill Claw is much more powerful. While the Chomp adds only 10 points to Bowser’s attack power, Drill Claw adds a whopping 40-point bonus to your attack power, which is so much better.

The main reason why so many players chose Chomp is that it’s easy to obtain by simply purchasing it for 60 coins in the Marrymore or Seaside Town shops. Getting the Drill Claw will take some time and expertise.

How to Get Drill Claw

  1. Travel to the Bowser’s Keep trial course location.
  2. Reach the Bowser’s Keep Part 2 challenges.
  3. Clear the six-door challenges (must be Battle Course 2).
  4. When completed, you’ll receive the Drill Claw as a reward.

Best Weapon for Princess Peach: Frying Pan

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Princess Peach has access to a number of strong weapons in the game, but my two favorite ones are the Frying Pan and Parasol. While the Frying Pan is truly powerful, adding a solid 90-point attack bonus, there’s something elegant about the Parasol that not only fits the character visually but also grants a number of unique benefits.

In the early game, I highly recommend purchasing the Parasol for only 84 coins in the Seaside Town shop. But later on, be sure to get the Frying Pan for its sheer damage output.

How to Get the Frying Pan

  1. Obtain the Sixth Star at the Barrel Volcano.
  2. Travel to Moleville town.
  3. Purchase the Frying Pan from the Treasure Hunter for 300 coins.

That’s it for our list of the best weapons in Super Mario RPG. Stay tuned for more SMRPG tips and tricks articles right here.

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