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Super Mario RPG: How to Scale the Land’s End Cliff

Get some help from friendly flying turtles in Super Mario RPG.

Trying to rush things can only lead to frustration. Perhaps it’s better to slow it down? Our guide discusses how to scale the Land’s End cliff in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Scale the Land’s End Cliff in Super Mario RPG

To scale the Land’s End cliff in Super Mario RPG, you must use the Paratroopa shells to reach the top. That’s easier said than done since a single mistake is very costly. You’ll end up at the very bottom of the cliffside area. Worse, each time you fail, the Paratroopa Captain has to fly down just to tell you to keep trying.

How to Reach the Land’s End Cliffside Area

You can reach the Land’s End cliff in Super Mario RPG by doing the following:

  • Upon arriving in Belome’s Temple, head to the last statue and jump on it until it mentions that it’s “hungry.” The elevator will take you to another chamber where you have to fight Belome again.
  • If you get a different message, where the statue says that it’s “not accepting visitors past its bedtime,” the elevator will instead lead to the Belome Temple Treasure Room (I discuss this in a separate guide).
  • Anyway, once you’ve defeated Belome, you’ll find yourself in Monstro Town. Go inside the room closest to the entrance and talk to the elder. He’ll then ask the Paratroopas to help you.
  • Backtrack to the entrance of Belome’s Temple and pay 100 gold to the NPC that’s guarding the spring.
  • Use the spring to return to the last section of the Desert Whirlpools. Then, take the exit to the north to arrive at the Land’s End cliffside area.

How to Complete the Cliff Climb Minigame

As mentioned earlier, you have to reach the top of the cliff face to complete this objective. Personally, I prefer taking it slow. I first jumped on the first Paratroopa shell, and then I waited for it to reach the next flying turtle.

In doing so, I was able to gingerly walk to the next shell, all without having to jump again. The shells automatically move to the next one in line, too.

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Once you’re finished with this task, you’ll reach the Bean Valley area. Likewise, you can retry the minigame later to obtain Frog Coins. Be forewarned that minigame challenges are time trials of sorts, so you need to be quick.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to scale the Land’s End cliff in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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