Super Mario RPG: Melody Bay Tadpole Song Puzzle Solution

Having trouble composing the first song at Melody Pond? We'll show you how to solve the Tadpole Song puzzle.

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You don’t have to be good at reading or composing music to solve the Melody Bay song puzzles. If that were so, I wouldn’t have gotten past them to write this guide to help you. Here’s how to solve the Melody Bay Tadpole Song puzzle Super Mario RPG. 

Melody Bay Tadpole Song Puzzle Solution in Super Mario RPG 

Once you enter Melody Bay, you’ll come across a pond resembling a music sheet. You’ll also meet Toadofsky, a composer who’s looking for new compositions. He’ll also teach you each note on the music sheet. Despite that, solving these puzzles isn’t as straightforward as I’ve made it sound. Indeed, you’ll need to know how the notes go.

  • Mi
  • Re
  • Do
  • Ti 
  • La
  • So
  • Fa
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How to Compose the Tadpole Song: Frogfucius’ Suite #1

When you try to compose a song, the tadpoles will move up and down the music sheet. You’ll have to jump on the tadpole at the right time to get your desired note. If you miss the timing, it will return, so take your time and don’t rush. 

For the first composition, you’ll have to talk to a tadpole in the area right before Melody Pond. There will be a rock next to the water that you can stand on where he’ll appear. After you talk to Frogfucius for the first time, the tadpole will give you a song that it’s been working on called “Frogfucius’ Suite #1. 

  • Composition Notes: So La Mi Do Re Do Re

If you have a hard time reading and remembering music notes like I did, follow the picture that I’ve added below. 

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Tadpole Song Rewards

Once you complete the first composition, Toadofsky will reward you with the Alto Card. This will allow you access the Juice Bar, where you can purchase Froggie Drinks and Elixirs. The Froggie Drinks will recover 30HP for all allies, and the Elixir will recover 80HP for all allies. These items can only be purchased with Frog Coins, so keep that in mind. 

That’s how to solve the Melody Bay tadpole song in Super Mario RPG. If you want more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub for SMRPG

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