Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Slayers unite!

And the runner goes to?

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Shiver me timbers, harr harr! Zombies be lurking and there’s no end in sight, what shall I do? Well for one thing, if you are being chased by mindless, grotesque, blood dripping zombies well, you should, um, RUN! That is what the most popular team-based survival horror “Left 4 Dead” is all about! I am here to enhance your survivability in the most efficient way.

Hello? Anyone there?

Left 4 Dead is all about teamwork, whether you’re playing as the infected or survivor. If you attack on your own, 4 survivors will gladly great you with bullets to the face and end your not so gruesome feast. Same goes for survivors; run off alone and 4 special infected will kindly mangle you to death before you can say “What the f…” So always make sure you and your team are in constant communication, and if you don’t have a microphone, just watch everyone on your team and try to follow as to what they are doing.

Hiding is not an option.

Sure we all would love to barricade ourselves in some hole and just wait out the endless waves of zombies, but that isn’t surviving, it’s waiting to die. Moving from point A to point B as quickly as possible is the way to survive. By taking your time you ensure victory, but waiting too long will be your demise. It is best to move quickly when more than half of the enemy team is dead or if you’ve killed 2 or 3 special infected. However, if you get the feeling that you are about to be swarmed by hundreds of zombies, it’s best to find a place to hold them off such as inside a building with 1 or 2 exits. Having more than 1 exit isn’t always a good idea, but it does give some options.

Help me, I’m being eaten alive!

Surviving the round is tough; it’s even tougher when you are alone. Always help your teammate if he is being thrashed or swarmed by the undead! Toss a pipe bomb, or a Molotov cocktail, shove the zombies away with your weapon, do anything and everything you can!

I survived the horror, but am I really safe?

In conclusion, surviving zombies is quite simple really. Make sure you can run, run with your team, and watch you and your teams’ back, and communicate! This is all you need to make it to the next wave of terror. Good luck and good hunting!

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