Surviving Until Dawn: A guide to keeping everyone alive

Shooting for the perfect ending? You're looking in the right place! By following this guide, you'll unlock the They All Live trophy.

Shooting for the perfect ending? You're looking in the right place! By following this guide, you'll unlock the They All Live trophy.
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Need help keeping everyone alive in Until Dawn? Then look no further! By following this guide, you will obtain the good ending as well as the "They All Live" trophy.

It should go without saying, but this guide contains spoilers for the game. Read at your own risk.

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Definitely one of the more trickier characters to keep alive. I actually managed to have her survive in chapter 4, but found her dead in chapter 10!

In chapter 4 when Jessica is abducted from the cabin, make sure you hurry by taking quick paths and not missing any QTEs with Mike. Don't worry about taking the more riskier options, Mike will make it through unscathed. When Mike encounters Jessica, she will be alive before the elevator collapses. If you take too long, Jessica will be clearly dead on the elevator.

In chapter 10, always select the 'hide' option when the Wendigo is pursuing Jessica and Matt. If Jessica makes it through this section, she will have survived Until Dawn!


At the beginning of chapter 6, Emily and Matt are confronted by a horde of bucks. Carefully maneuver both Matt and Emily through the horde without attacking the bucks. Afterward, when the fire tower collapses, do not bother attempting to save Emily. Don't worry, she lives regardless of your choice.

If you do want to be a gentleman and save Emily, make sure she gives Matt the flare gun earlier in the chapter. 

In chapter 10, Matt and Jessica will be reunited in the mines. When a Wendigo pursues them, make sure they both stay together. Make sure to pull off all QTEs successfully or both will end up dead.


In order for Emily to survive, you must successfully complete the QTE sequence in chapter 8 when Emily is being chased by the Wendigo. Don't worry about needing the flare gun, giving it to Matt was the better option.

Near the end of chapter 8, Ashley will spot the Wendigo bite on Emily. Paranoia takes over and Mike is confronted with the choice of shooting Emily. Be smart and do not shoot her. Remember, sometimes its best to do nothing at all.

Finally, during the finale at the lodge, Emily can die during the explosion if Sam hits the switch too early. Allow everyone to get out of the lodge before hitting it.


Although Chris cannot die earlier in the game, his fate will be determined by earlier game choices. When Chris must face a decision on whether to kill Ashley or Josh, choose Josh

Later, in chapter 6, Chris finds himself in another situation with Ashley in which he must decide which one of them to shoot. Well, neither will die as the gun is filled with blanks, but DO NOT shoot Ashley! If you do so, this will determine Chris' fate in chapter 8.

During chapter 8, if you successfully complete all of the QTE actions during the chase sequence with the Wendigo and selected the previous choices, Chris will survive Until Dawn!


During chapter 9, Ashley will hear a noise prompting you to make a decision to investigate or not. You can choose the stay with the group and avoid this altogether, but you will be missing out on a totem. If you do choose to investigate the noise, DO NOT investigate the trap door. 

Finally, during the lodge finale, make sure Sam helps Mike or it ends badly for poor Ashley.


Josh's fate is determined differently than the other characters in Until Dawn. In order for Josh to "survive", all of the Twins clues must be found before Mike leads Josh out of the mines.

Don't worry, I've got you covered! Check out my Until Dawn clue guide to find all of the Twins clues.


Like Sam, Mike cannot be killed until the game's finale. 

During the lodge finale in chapter 10, have Sam assist Mike whenever given the option. Also, make sure to complete all QTEs successfully with Sam, including not moving during certain specified moments and letting everyone escape before setting off the explosion.


Similar to Mike, Sam's fate cannot be determined until the finale at the lodge during chapter 10. In order for Sam to survive, help Mike when prompted. Also, wait for everyone to escape before attempting to blow up the lodge. Finally, and most importantly, correctly complete all QTEs and DO NOT MOVE when prompted. 

There you have it! The trophy should pop right before the credits roll. If you are stumped on where to find totems or clues in Until Dawn, check out my totem and clue guides!

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