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Taking Back the Baxter Building Part II – Lego Marvel SuperHeros Guide

Captain America and Mr. Fantastic are still chasing Doctor Octopus over the rooftops of New York City.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Captain America and Mr. Fantastic have made it to the rooftop by using the Fantastivator. Doctor Octopus is trying to escape across the rooftops hoping to leave behind the heroes since there are large gaps in between the buildings. Both heroes will have to work together to cross the rooftops to stop Doctor Octopus.

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Save game if you have not already done so.

Mr. Fantastic needs to glide across the rooftops. Places were he needs to glide are marked by blue squares with two white arrows pointing the direction. Get a good running start and try to glide to the other rooftop. Be sure to angle upwards to get over the railing. If you are having difficulty gliding in this area, use the ladder to climb back up to the upper level and glide over from there.

The rooftop has a small greenhouse on it that needs to be destroyed. This will begin the counter for the canister for this stage. You will need to destroy a total of five greenhouses to collect the canister. On the corner of the building is an antenna. Destroy the antenna to build a rope to the building that Captain America is still on for later use.

Next to the greenhouse, there is a pull target on the wall.

Use Mr. Fantastic’s stretch ability to use the target and pull down part of the wall. The hole will reveal a hallway. Use the broken pieces of the wall to build a ladder to reach the hallway. Climb up the ladder to the hallway. Break the crates at the end of the hallway up. Use the pieces to build a green lever attached to the pole. Push the green lever around until it stops. This will rotate the satellite on top of the building so that Captain America can cross.

Switch back to Captain America. Go to the upper level of the first roof. There will be a pole sticking out of the wall. Jump up and catch the pole. Captain America will swing like a gymnast on the uneven bars. You will need to jump from bar to bar to reach the rooftop across the way. Be sure to time the jumps when his feet are pointing the direction he needs to go or he will fall. Jump down on the next rooftop. If Captain America falls off the top-level to the level Mr. Fantastic is on, use the rope to tight-rope back across to the first roof and use the pole-jumps again.

After jumping down from the satellite onto the rooftop, follow it around to the stairs and go down them.

On the landing, break apart items to form a Fantastic 4 logo. Continue on down the stairs. Use the shield target to turn off the fans so Mr. Fantastic can use the grates to slip through and rejoin Captain America. Don’t forget to destroy the greenhouse for the canister collection (2/5).

Switch to Mr. Fantastic and head for the Fantastic 4 logo that was built. Transform Mr. Fantastic into a water pump. He will pump the water tower full of water until it bursts. Jump up on the tower and reassemble the pieces. This will build a rope to go to the next rooftop. Slide down the newly built rope. At the end of the rope, Doctor Octopus will grab the active character. Switch characters and attack Doctor Octopus until he releases the hero.

Use Captain America’s shield block to follow Doctor Octopus up to the upper rooftop.

There will be flames that may need crossing. There is another greenhouse on this level that you need to destroy (3/5). Switch back to Mr. Fantastic. Across this gap is a large, neon motel sign with two pull targets on it. Use the stretch ability to pull both targets so that the sign will fall down to form a bridge, much like the A in the first stage of the game.

Cross the sign to the next rooftop. Follow the rooftop until you reach some scaffolding. There will be a shield target on the wall that Captain America will need to use. This will lower a ladder that can be used to gain access to the building. Climb up the ladder as Captain America. Put out his shield and cross the flames to the right. Once on the other side, use the wall to climb upwards. To get the coins, you can jump back and forth on each wall to climb up.

Once up top, there will be a green elevator control panel with some breakable items next to it. Break this items and rebuild them to form a shield target. Use the shield target to activate the elevator so that Mr. Fantastic can get to the top and avoid the fatal flames.

Switch to Mr. Fantastic and go up the ladder.

Go to the left, away from the flames. There will be a pull target that Mr. Fantastic can use to reach the next floor. The elevator will have one octobot in it to be defeated. Once defeated, enter the elevator and stand on the red button to activate the lift. Exit the elevator. To the left of the elevator shaft is a greenhouse that needs to be destroyed, as well as to the right. After both greenhouses are destroyed, the total count should be five and the canister will pop up for pick up.

Mr. Fantastic needs to use his glide ability now. Go to the edge and jump off, gliding down to the next rooftop. Start destroying the octobots. In the corner where Mr. Fantastic lands on the ledge is green shed against the wall. Destroy the shed and rebuild the Lego’s to form a rope that Captain America can slide down to join Mr. Fantastic.

Walk around the building to the front where the Daily Bugle sign is.

Doctor Octopus is hanging on to the sign. Use Captain America’s shield to target Doctor Octopus to hit him. He will jump down to land on the side of the building out of the hero’s reach. Switch to Mr. Fantastic and use the grate on the side so that he can go up to where the sign is. Target the blue bugle on the sign and pull it down using the pull target.

The blue bugle will shatter into buildable pieces. Rebuild the Lego’s to form a Fantastic 4 logo. Use the logo with Mr. Fantastic to transform into a wrecking ball. This will activate a cut scene where the ball hits Doctor Octopus and he ends up inside the Daily Bugle where Spider-man is at work. He will change into his superhero identity to follow Doctor Octopus and join Mr. Fantastic and Captain America.

The cut scene ends again on the rooftops of New York City. Go up the stairs, and there is a save terminal directly in front of the heroes. Be sure to save your game.

Be sure to check back for Part III. If you would like to see my other guides and tips, be sure to check out my Lego Marvel SuperHeroes page.

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