Terra Nil: How to Find and Discover Narwhals

Here's how to find Narwhals in Terra Nil's Polar biome.

Here's how to find Narwhals in Terra Nil's Polar biome.

Narwhals can be hard to find in Terra Nil. Like some other animals in the game, they require specific parameters be met before they’ll appear in the Polar biome. If you’re having trouble discovering them with the scanner, here’s what to do. 

What do Narwhals Require in Terra Nil? Answered

Narhwals require three conditions be met before they start swimming in the Polar biome’s frigid waters. You can find Narwhal in both the Volcanic Glacier (normal mode) map and the Polluted Fjord (hard mode) map. 

  • They must be in range of 20 ocean tiles and 4 ice sheet tiles.
  • The temperature must be at least -10 Celsius. 

It’s likely that Narwhals will be the last fauna group you scan in the Polar biome because they require the temperatures be so low. Before that, it’s not viable to have ice sheets taking up your ocean tiles, which can prevent you from discovering Polar Bears. 

Nicely, lowering the temperature so much also helps with finding another fauna type in the Polar Biome. Penguins will also spawn once larger ice sheets start to form, sliding around looking for food near Narwhal. 

That’s how to find and discover Narwhal in Terra Nil. If you’re wondering how to unlock all of the animals in the game, we have a list of all fauna requirements right over here. And if you’re wondering how to form a lake, one of Terra Nil‘s most ambiguous and frustrating challenges, we’ve got over the steps for lake creation right here.  

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