Looking to make your fortune in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Our guide gives you three great ways to make money hand over fist.

The Best Ways to Make Money in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Looking to make your fortune in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Our guide gives you three great ways to make money hand over fist.

Whether you just started flying or you’re a seasoned spacer, there are plenty of ways to make money in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. However, not all of them are created equal. 

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You’ll want to maximize your efficiency wherever you can find it, especially in the early game, as story mission difficulty spikes quickly and often. Even once you’ve got the best ships and gear, Outlaw has a way of throwing you for a loop, and with better equipment come costlier repairs and resupplies. These add up more quickly than you’d imagine, so staying on top of your pocketbook is essential.

Here are our three best ways to make money in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

1. Guild Missions

The regular mission log has plenty of valuable quests for Juno to pick up, and they’re important to take from time to time to increase your faction reputation.

That said, their payouts aren’t great for the trouble they put you through. Plus, the time you spend on them doesn’t return nearly enough for such missions to be your primary source of income.

Now, guild quests? Those will net you some pretty pennies, and they can do it with minimal fuss and plenty of under-the-table benefits as well.

Let’s see which have the best benefits. 

The Merchant Guild

It’s not glamorous or action-packed, but ferrying goods from one location to another is a relatively safe, quick, and generally lucrative venture. 

If you want to kick back and listen to your favorite tunes, I recommend the basic cargo-hauling quests. Blockade running isn’t a bad deal either. 

In both cases, you’ll spend maybe about 5 minutes or less transporting a set amount of goods, and once you dock, you’re instantly paid. For blockade running, you can spice up your time with some combat, and maybe pick up some salvage to sweeten the deal once you dock.

The pay for these missions is lower in the safer systems, but it ramps up a little bit as you head to the dangerous zones. Better yet, you can’t beat it when it comes to convenience and general chill factor.

If you’re looking for real money through the merchant guild, you’ll want to take on the Source quests. These are longer-term ventures where you gather a set number of materials on your own, through whatever means you see fit, and delivering them to a specific station for a reward.

Even in mid-tier zones, rewards for Source missions often breach the 100,000 credits mark. You’ll need plenty of cargo space and a good lead on the proper materials, but have both and you’ll be a millionaire in mere hours, and at relatively low risk.

The Mercenary Guild

Want some extra action and more explosions when you’re making money? Join the Mercenary Guild. As the name suggests, this guild is all about combat, and the payout for each mission is about 25-50% more than your standard mission board combat quest.

Missions are generally higher-threat, so be ready for tough fights. Tougher fights generally mean better loot, though, so make sure you’ve got plenty of cargo space. 

For the most efficient progress, I’d avoid the survey-style quests. Those don’t have as many enemies to shoot, and so the chance for good loot drops is understandably lower. They’re pretty quick, though, so if you only have a few minutes to dedicate, they’re worth a try.

2. Piracy and Bounties

Juno Markev is a former pirate, and there’s nothing in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw that’s stopping you from taking a shot at anything that moves. You’ll probably die if you take on a well-defended Outpost, but there are ways to find plenty of delicious salvage that doesn’t require unchecked aggression.

Head into the Bar at any station, and you can talk to the bartender about current events, market conditions, bounties to shake down, and freighters making their way about the system.

The last two are your gold mines. Taking down bounties rewards you not only with credits, but you’ll also get salvage from their ships. If you’re lucky, some unmarked bounties will be traveling with your mark. Every system has one or more bounties active at a time, so long as you visit the Bar and ask about them. Payouts vary, but the ROI is always worth the effort, as rewards can be upwards of the tens of thousands at least, depending on the difficulty of the fight.

For my money, though, it’s the freighters you’ll want to focus on. As with bounties, you’ll be salvaging loot from the mercenary ships surrounding the haulers. You’ll also have plenty of time to loot the cargo containers the freighters are pulling along. Some of them are carrying the likes of diamonds, gold, and expensive pleasure items. They can sometimes be tough to take down, but succeed, and you just might be swimming in credits.

No one in the Dodge sector cares where you got the goods. Just that you got them.

3. Playing the Market

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a thriving economy of both legal and illicit goods. Most stations you visit have a set of both Produced goods and Desired goods. Your job as a humble merchant is to find a station that produces something cheaply and transport it somewhere that’s buying it for much more. 

In the early game, you can do this between stations in the same system. Later on, you’ll have a few jumps between pick up and delivery. Once you’ve memorized the best routes, you won’t need long to rack up serious cash. 

Bartenders can give you a heads up to which stations and systems are selling what at a lower price or buying at a higher one, and this information is free. You can even combine this kind of trade with Source Merchant quests to double down on filling your coffers.

One thing to note: many of the pirates you take out drop orange loot — contraband — that’s worth a great deal more than legal goods to the right buying station. 

You can’t sell contraband everywhere, of course, and the police will periodically scan you for such items, making carrying it a liability in itself. However, independent and pirate faction stations often desire contraband and are willing to pay good money for it, so take a little time to learn which stations buy the less-savory stuff. 

As with legal merchandise, once you develop a couple of shipping lanes for contraband, money won’t be the thing that holds you back.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw offers players plenty of options with where they go, what they do, and what kind of person they want Juno to become. If you want to discover more about the Dodge Sector, check out these other awesome articles:



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