The Do’s and Don’ts of Killing Floor 2

One pants-on-head baddie can wreck a team. Here are some tips on how not to be that guy.

One pants-on-head baddie can wreck a team. Here are some tips on how not to be that guy.
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Let’s face it. Every time you have the opportunity to play with other people in a team-based game, you also have the opportunity of being a total jerk and wrecking what chances you had at winning.

While the Tripwire team has taken it upon themselves to fix some of the ways in which players could regularly troll the rest of the pub team in KF (e.g. making the trader a pod accessible from all directions and not a room where two friends could block the rest of the team from entering and buying weapons/ammo), there are still a number of things you should and shouldn’t do while playing a good game of KF2.


  • DO heal each other. Even if you’re not a medic. Self-heals are pretty pitiful, even as a high-level medic so do a drive-by heal on your medic when you can. 
  • DO carry a heal pistol as a non-medic if you can. They only take 1 weight, are super accurate for headshots (one-shot trash mobs) when you’re low on other ammo, and pick up the slack if your medic gets seperated. 
  • DON’T wait until your teammates are near-dead before healing them. This gives you more XP than when you’re topping them up regularly, but they are also more likely to die from your lack of care, especially when you need to start getting more mobile and Stalkers creep up in front of your darts when you least expect them. You get more XP by shooting anyway.

(The HMTech-101 Pistol. It can fire 2 medic darts per 100% charge. It will auto-lock onto a target from a very forgiving distance for hip-firing.)

Map Camping

  • DON’T make a big stink out of it if the team chooses to camp a spot that’s different than your usual. There are a number of different and yet viable areas to stick around in for a while.
  • DO stick with your team as much as possible. With the current available classes, it is difficult for single players to take on a Fleshpound or Scrake on their own. 
  • If you’re going to wander (picking up weapons, upping your kill count where others aren’t sniping them away from you), DO have a good idea when the big stuff is really coming in and how to get back. Help your team.
  • DON’T get mad if the team scatters a little so long as they rendezvous back with you once the big stuff start showing up.
  • When it’s time to leave a camp spot, and leave it fast, DO let people know that you’re ready to run, and try to keep an eye out behind you for anyone else who finds prudence the better part of valor. 
  • DO have an exit strategy whenever you’re camping out a spot. Dead ends are never a good idea.
  • DON’T camp anywhere you have Zeds dropping down on you (e.g. reception area in Biotics) although being near one isn’t always a bad idea.

Zed Talk

  • DO call out a Scrake or Fleshpound sighting so that the entire team can work together against them. 
  • Some classes are more effective against Sirens and Husks than others. There are more of them in this game than in KF1. DO call them out if there is someone else better equipped to deal with them (especially in Suicidal/HoE).
  • DO keep helping your teammates out by watching their backs (and exits) in Spectator Mode if you’ve died during a wave. Click the middle mouse button until you are in free roam to zoom around the map checking for ammo, spawns, etc.
  • DON’T give a rolling commentary. If you tell us a Scrake is coming down one hallway, and we’re reacting, we heard you the first time. Scrakes are secondary to the trash around it unless it’s raging.
  • DON’T yell into the mic. We can hear you, we swear.

Playing in a Team

  • DO share your money. We can see you have it. If a Berserker gets their Pulverizer early on, they are pretty much set for the whole game and can donate to the cause the easiest out of all the classes. 
  • DON’T block narrow hallways by stopping and trying to shoot a Clot when your teammates are also trying to get through and escape the mob. They will block your shot, and you will block their escape route.
  • DON’T run in front of other people’s line of fire (leeway is given to melee Berserkers), particularly if you’re all shooting while relatively stationary in a single camp spot.
  • DON’T shoot stuff in the head right as the Berserker is swinging at them during slow-mo. If you really must tag them for the XP gain, hit them (once) somewhere else – you’ll get full XP and an assist.
  • DO keep an eye out for anything that might amble in from behind (even if it’s a Cyst). You want it as clear as possible to back up into when you need to reload/gain ground for a Scrake kill/etc.

 Killing Stuff

  • DON’T enrage a Scrake and then run away. Your chances of staying alive are much higher if you attempt to dodge left or right away from him rather than running away. Depending on your class, you probably won’t outrun him. Also he won’t hurt just you.
  • DO aim for the head on both Scrake/Fleshpound (not the chest). You can pop a Scrake’s head before he rages if you don’t deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time especially as a Commando. If you pop his head, he’ll drop to a quarter health and won’t rage.
  • DON’T magdump until the Scrake/Fleshpound rages unless your entire team is focusing one down.
  • DO EMP Scrakes and Fleshpounds as a Berserker with your grenades to stop them from raging. It may take more than one for a Fleshpound. 
  • DON’T hang around too close to a Husk. Their suicide ball is an insta-kill and their mid-range flamethrower in Suicidal+ hurts.
  • DO kill Sirens first. Their screams will screw up your ‘nade drops like no tomorrow.
  • DON’T ‘nade stack a Scrake. Save those for Fleshpounds/large Siren-less mobs.

Boss Fight

  • DO heal whoever is being grabbed, regardless of class. They’ll probably die without you. If you’re in Suicidal/HoE, they will die without you.
  •  DON’T magdump on the boss while he’s draining someone. He has 85% damage resist and will go back up to full HP once he’s done draining. It’s a waste of ammo.
  • DO bring a medic pistol or SMG to the boss fight (everyone has enough capacity to carry a medic SMG and an AA-12).
  • DON’T stick too close to the boss once he finishes draining someone. He will drop a grenade stack pretty much at his own feet and insta-kill anyone in the immediately area.


  • DON’T beg for cash if no one’s ponying up. It won’t help your case. Just keep on the lookout for weapon spawns to sell for cash. 
  • DON’T walk over ammo crates if you’re full on ammo. You’ll pick it up whether or not you’re full. Other people will probably want that. 
  • DO call out weapon spawns if you can’t pick it up in higher difficulties. Gifts from the RN gods benefit everyone.
  • DON’T sign up for Suicidal or Hell on Earth if you don’t have a high perk level/know what you’re doing.
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