The Easter Egg You Missed in A Plague Tale: Innocence’s Post-Credits Scene

A Plague Tale: Innocence caught the MCU bug and hid a huge reveal in its ending, post-credits scene. Here's the easter egg you may have missed in the final moments.

A Plague Tale: Innocence caught the MCU bug and hid a huge reveal in its ending, post-credits scene. Here's the easter egg you may have missed in the final moments.
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One of May’s biggest new releases is now available. Asobo Studio’s third-person stealth-action game, A Plague Tale: Innocence, sneaks into stores during a busy week that also features RAGE 2 and Team Sonic Racing. However, its ending, post-credits scene is hiding something. 

Once you make it to the end of A Plague Tale, stick around for Chapter XVII after the credits. Asobo went the Marvel route and left a massive reveal hidden in the last images of its thematically dark story.

Not sure what it means or what you might’ve missed? Don’t worry, we’ll get you caught up.

Beware: spoilers ahead!

The final chapter of A Plague Tale shows Amicia and Hugo walking through the streets of a small village. Amicia plays a carnival game using her slingshot (which by then is surely quite simple for her), wins Hugo an apple, and together, they head back to their carriage to meet up with Lucas.

After a brief conversation, the camera slowly zooms out as bittersweet music plays and our heroes’ journey comes to an end… or does it?

Just as the camera zooms out to its fullest extent, right before the game cuts to black, in the distance, you can see where the kids are heading. It’s to the shore to get on a boat. 

The ending of A Plague Tale Innocence

Why is this important? Because recently, the game’s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, held an event where they teased several upcoming projects with studios from all over the world.

They even announced with a teaser image that they have agreed to publish Asobo’s next game. The image doesn’t tell us much on its own, but together with this final scene of the game, it’s very revealing. Check it out below.

A teaser image for A Plague Tale Innocence that ties to the post-credits scene

It’s the same boat! In a very clever and sneaky way, Focus Home and Asobo have already revealed a sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence is on the way. If you need more proof, the red garment floating in the water belongs to Hugo and is the shirt he wears in the game by default (though players can change his clothes in the options).

Additionally, the entire game is about Amicia caring for Hugo and keeping him safe in a harsh world where swarms of sickly rats and The Inquisition are both constantly threatening to kill them. “Care. Rise. Defy.”

On top of all that is the fact that when A Plague Tale: Innocence was first revealed, it was called simply “The Plague.” However, not a long time after, it was retitled to what it is today. That seems to indicate the creators were looking at branding it as the Plague Tale series.

Given all that happens in the game and what’s shown in the teaser image during the end, post-credits scene, our money is on A Plague Tale: Defiance next. A sequel is coming. Now we wait for the official word from Focus Home and Asobo.

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