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The Finals Playtest: Best Weapons Tier List

Equip your character only with the best weapons using our tier list for The Finals playtest.

Currently, there are 20 weapons in The Finals playtest that are designed for light, medium, and heavy builds. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in the game, including their damage stats and tips on how to use them.

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Best Weapons Tier List in The Finals Playtest

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best weapons in The Finals playtest:

S-Tier Weapons


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  • Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Damage: 35 (B), 53 (H)

Although it’s just a simple handgun, it has exceptional firepower, especially if you’re executing headshots. It also has a solid range, but I wouldn’t use it for long-range combat, as there are other weapons for that purpose. But if you need to quietly and quickly kill ambushers, this is the best option there is right now in the game.


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  • Type: Semi-Automatic Battle Rifle
  • Damage: 42 (B), 84 (H)

Right now, this would be the best option for mid- to long-range shooting. You can combine both the V9S pistol and this rifle in the same light loadout. LH1 has a surprisingly high rate of fire and damage, although the recoil could be tamer. But other than that, this rifle has no downsides.


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  • Type: Fully Automatic Machine Pistol
  • Damage: 15 (B), 23 (H)

If you need more firepower than the pistol for close-quarters combat, then the M11 will do the job due to its extremely high rate of fire. Many players use it in hit-and-run tactics, when you shoot an enemy player, back away, and shoot them again for lethal damage. If you have an M11 equipped and find yourself shooting at longer ranges, then use aim-down sights for better accuracy.

A-Tier Weapons


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  • Type: Melee Weapon
  • Damage: 50 (B), 320 (H)

A simple dagger can easily become your most lethal weapon if you know how to use it well. Its main advantage is hidden in the secondary backstabbing attack, which requires precision and a sense that comes only with experience. So I wouldn’t recommend this weapon to new players. But even veteran gamers should use the Cloaking Device when utilizing the dagger.


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  • Type: Semi-Automatic Shotgun
  • Damage: 13 (B)

Since this heavy shotgun shoots pellets that spread in a fixed pattern, you can’t deal headshots with it. But its magazine is large enough to constantly push damage at close range, capable of dealing with the heaviest gear. It’s not very effective at longer ranges due to spread, but it’s a weapon that every heavy build will need at some point or another.

B-Tier Weapons


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  • Type: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Damage: 115 (B), 230 (H)

The SR-84 is arguably the best sniper rifle in the game, having high damage and virtually no bullet drop-off. Although this weapon is fantastic for long-range shooting, it’s practically useless at close and midrange, which is the main focus of The Finals. Also, if you wish to use it effectively in the team, it’s important to communicate with your teammates about the possible targets to really make the most out of it.


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  • Type: Revolving-Action Grenade Launcher
  • Damage: 80 (B)

This weapon has one very important function: luring enemy players out of their hideouts. This is possible due to the special ammo that bounces off surfaces before exploding, making the M32GL perfect for shooting in confined areas. But besides that, this heavy grenade launcher is not very useful, and if you’re not careful, the grenades can hurt you too.

That’s it for our tier list of the best weapons in The Finals playtest. Stay tuned for more TF tips and tricks articles right here.

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