The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough – How to Solve the Murders of Clay Rockridge and Trinity Carrington

A guide to preventing the murders of the second guests in the ingenious puzzle game.

A guide to preventing the murders of the second guests in the ingenious puzzle game.

The Sexy Brutale is a deliciously dark murder mystery, where only you — Lafcadio Boone — can help stop numerous party guests from meeting their grisly end. The puzzles start off fairly simple, but will soon require you to use a combination of acquired powers and the unique time travel mechanic to help save the attendees.

The second victims you need to save are Clay Rockridge and Trinity Carrington. Though there are two people, you will be able to prevent both of their murders at once. Simply follow this guide!

Solving the Murders of Clay and Trinity in The Sexy Brutale

From your start point, make your way to the security room, marked below on the map.


Once there, head over to the far left and pick up the security code for the cameras dotted around the place.


Now you need to beam the security footage to the main screen where Clay is drinking away his sorrows. Head over to the right-hand side of this room, and activate the CCTV monitor


With that done, all that’s left is to show Clay exactly what’s happening to Trinity, in order to break him out of his stupor. Head to this location (marked with the bloody shield):


In here, locate the keypad on the wall and use it — this activates the security camera in the next room. Trinity is being attacked by a huge spider, and Clay needs to see it.


Once activated, the camera feed is beamed to the screen in Clay’s location, and he rushes off to save Trinity, thereby preventing both of their deaths.

Hurrah! You’ve just solved the first two murders in The Sexy Brutale. But there are plenty more to go…

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