The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough – How to Solve the Murders of Greyson Grayson and Redd Rockridge

A guide to preventing the murders of the fifth guests in the ingenious puzzle game.

A guide to preventing the murders of the fifth guests in the ingenious puzzle game.

The Sexy Brutale is a deliciously dark murder mystery, where only you, Lafcadio Boone, can help stop numerous party guests from meeting their grisly ends. The puzzles start off simple enough, but will soon require you to use a combination of acquired powers and the unique time travel mechanic to help save the attendees.

The fifth victims you need to save are Greyson Grayson and Redd Rockridge. This delightful duo is planning to steal a priceless egg from the mansion, but end up in a deadly magician’s act which leaves Redd electrocuted and Greyson skewered by swords in a cage.

But that doesn’t need to be their ultimate fate — read on to learn how to save them.  

Solving the Murders of Greyson and Redd in The Sexy Brutale

From your start point, head to the room marked below with the bloody shield.


You’ll need to wait patiently for the thieving duo to leave the room. At about 2:45pm, they should have left. Once they’ve gone, go to the open safe and grab the lighter.



Now go back to your starting point. Towards the southwest of the room is a candle. Light it with the lighter.



The light from these candles allows you to see and converse with ghosts. This is handy, because shortly after a ghost will appear in the room. If you talk to him, you’ll learn that there is a circuit breaker hidden behind a bookcase in the library. This will be marked on your map.



You can go to that location to familiarize yourself with it, but there’s not much point — since if you head west to the theater, you’ll trigger a cutscene which will restart the day anyway. However, it might be useful for you to learn its location beforehand — it isn’t essential, though.



Once the day restarts, head straight there and activate the circuit breaker.



To turn off the electricity, you also need to activate two switches simultaneously. One is in the room with the circuit breaker, which is where Redd will come. If you want to get the full experience, you can spy on him trying to unsuccessfully turn off the power. You need to note the exact times he pulls the lever: 8:40pm, 8:55pm, 9:10pm, 9:25pm and 9:40pm.

With this information, you need to restart the day. When you wake up, go to the room with the other lever in it, marked below with the bloody shield.



It may be easier to use the grandfather clock to fast-forward time to 8pm, as this will save you waiting, and negate the need to dodge past anyone who comes into rooms you’re in. Whichever option you choose, simply go to this room and pull the lever as soon as the clock hits one of the times mentioned above.



Thanks to Redd pulling the other lever at the same time, the electricity will be turned off, and both Redd and Greyson will be saved!


You’ve now prevented five out of the seven murders. Don’t flag — you’re not far from the end! 

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