The Sims 4: Infant Quirks List Guide

Infant quirks are a new mechanic in The Sims 4 Growing Together to give infants more realism.

Infant quirks are a new mechanic in The Sims 4 Growing Together to give infants more realism.

Infants are among the biggest new inclusion in The Sims 4. Following up on the free infants update, the Growing Together expansion pack further expands on their mechanics. Quirks, new discoverable items for infants and toddlers, help bring these younger Sims to life. Here’s how infant quirks work in The Sims 4.

How Infant Quirks Work

Since infants do not have any traits yet, quirks were introduced as a way to show their budding personalities. You’ll discover these quirks through gameplay, and they impact how your infant reacts to certain interactions with others. Up to three quirks are assigned from a pool of 18. The options are different from those available for Toddlers

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Complete List of Infant Quirks

  • Happy Spitter: Prone to spitting up while eating due to developing digestive system.
  • Good Appetite: Enjoys eating all types of food.
  • Gassy: A infant with tummy issues (makes them fussy).
  • Frequently Sneezes: An infant who sneezes a lot, producing more germs around the house.
  • Early Riser: Infant is more likely to wake up when the sun rises.
  • Feeding Tinkler: Can use the bathroom while being fed.
  • Frequently Hiccups: Infant hiccups all the time, resulting in more gas in their tummy.
  • Free-Air Tinkler: Can pee on caregiver while changing a diaper (caregiver hygiene meter will go down).
  • Picky Eater: Fussy with various food types.
  • Messy Eater: More likely to make a mess all over themselves and high chairs while eating.
  • Loves Wakeup Time: Wakes up happy.
  • Loves Sounds: Appreciates the sounds of music, television, and many others things.
  • Hates Being Held: Does not like being picked up and held, especially by non-caregivers. Enjoys being set down.
  • Hates Wakeup Time: Often wakes up angry.
  • Little Babbler: An extremely talkative infant who loves cooing and babbling to themselves or others.
  • Loves Being Held: Reacts positively when picked up or carried but responds negatively when put down.
  • Snuggly Sleeper: Enjoys falling asleep when being held and on a back carrier. Can’t be soothed to sleep when put down in crib or ground (will cry instantly when in this state).
  • Self-Soother: When in a bad mood, infant will try to calm themselves down by placing their fingers and toes in their mouth, primarily when crying.

That is the full list of infant quirks currently discoverable in The Sims 4 Growing Together. For more on infants, or new mechanics introduced in Growing Together, check out our other The Sims 4 guides

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