The Top 16 Best Books About Minecraft

Here's your list to the best books on the market for everything on Minecraft from crafting to designs!

The highly popular and addictive game Minecraft is a sandbox indie game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson; later developed and published by Mojang. The game is available to play on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, mobile devices, and is coming soon to both Xbox One and PS4.

The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. Battle against enemy creatures, collect eggs from chickens or ride a pig! There's so much to do. It's a game that's appealing to both kids and adults alike. Gameplay has four modes:

  • Survival Mode: requires players to acquire resources and maintain their health and hunger
  • Creative Mode: players have an unlimited supply of resources and experience, the ability to fly, and no health or hunger
  • Hardcore Mode: version of survival mode, differing only in difficulty; it is set to the most difficult setting and re spawning is disabled, forcing players to delete their worlds upon death
  • Spectator Mode: player doesn't collide with blocks, is able to view, but not interact with, almost everything. This game mode isn't available in released versions yet, only in snapshots.

Here you will find a list of all the best books on the market that I have found to be your best assets to assist you from crafting to design ideas, to tricks and seeds. Enjoy!

Minecraft Traps By Minecraft Books

For anyone who loves Minecraft and trapping, this guide is what you need.

Learn how to make:

  • TNT Traps
  • Water Traps
  • Lava Traps
  • Extreme Traps
  • and more

Become a Minecraft trap master today!

Minecraft: The Ultimate Reloaded 70 Top Tips & Tricks Your Friends Wish They Knew After You Beat Them! By Jason Scott

Whether you are on PvP Mode, where your goal is to be the last man standing, or you are just trying to create a "better" world compared to those made by your friends, it would be to your advantage if you take note of the tips mentioned here. From farming tips to how to swiftly take out the enemy, you'll find everything you need.

Minecraft Redstone Guide By Voltage Guides

Minecraft Redstone is an essential and imaginary element found only in the world of Minecraft. This Redstone is found in various forms all across the game world. It has so many uses we decided to make an entire guide dedicated to just Redstone. Learn how to make awesome traps, mechanisms, gates, and more.

Become a Redstone master now!

Minecraft For Dummies, Portable Edition By Jacob Cordeiro

With this fun and friendly beginners guide, you will quickly grasp how to play Minecraft in the three modes of game play: survival, creative, and hardcore. The easy-to-understand writing style walks you through every step of the way, from downloading the game to choosing a gaming platform to defending your creations against monsters and winning the game by defeating the Ender Dragon.

  • Explains how the use of blocks to build any creation and engage in gameplay with other players as well
  • Details techniques for traveling across the various biomes found throughout the game
  • Zeroes in on playing while in Survival mode to acquire resources in order to maintain your health and hunger
  • Shares tips for playing in Creative mode - using the unlimited supply of resources, the ability to fly, and lots more
  • Helps you in Hardcore mode

Minecraft For Dummies, Portable Edition goes where you go as you create a world you won't want to leave!

Minecraft Furniture By Minecraft Books

For everyone who loves Minecraft and wants to create a beautiful home filled with great furniture, this guide is exactly what you need. Create the most amazing furniture on Minecraft today.

Learn how to make:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Office Room Furniture
  • and tons more

Create beautiful furniture for your Minecraft home today!

Minecraft Amazing House Ideas By Voltage Guides

With this handy manual, you will be more inspired than you every imagines. View beautiful Minecraft homes and get inspired to create gorgeous works of art! Get started building your Minecraft dream house now!

Minecraft Servers List & Guide By Voltage Guides

With this guide, you will get complete access to multiple Minecraft servers. Hang with the coolest people and play with the best today!

Minecraft Seeds By Minecraft Books

This amazing collection of over 100+ seeds will allow you explore tons of new, beautiful, and dangerous places. This includes seeds for Minecraft and the Pocket Edition too.

Inside you'll find seeds for:

  • Deserts
  • Plains
  • Mountains
  • Islands
  • Jungles
  • and much, much more

Minecraft Sky Fortress Epic Building Guide By Minecraft Books

Want to be a Minecraft builder? Here's a complete guide on creating your very own Minecraft sky fortress.


  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Sky Fortress Background Info
  • Tons of Inspiration
  • and so much more

Create your own floating fortress today with this helpful Minecraft guide.

Minecraft Potions Guide By Minecraft Books

For everyone who loves Minecraft and wants to learn everything there is to know about potions, this guide is exactly what you need. Learn all that you need to know today!


  • Potion Basics
  • Ingredients
  • Potion Effects
  • and so much more

Become the ultimate Minecraft potion master today!

Minecraft Awesome Building Ideas For You! By Minecraft Books

Get ideas for your Minecraft world for all designs along with step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to build:

  • Buildings
  • Furniture ideas
  • House designs
  • Structures
  • And more

Minecraft Enchanting Guide By Minecraft Books

This guide is here to help you have full access to everything about enchantments on Minecraft!


  • An Introduction to Enchanting
  • How to Enchant
  • All the Enchantments
  • And Much More

Minecraft Farming Guide By Minecraft Books

This guide is here to help you have full access to everything about farming on Minecraft!


  • An Introduction to Farming
  • Growth Techniques
  • How to Farm
  • Specific Food and Item Tips
  • And Much More!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds By Minecraft Books

For anyone who loves Minecraft and exploring new words, this guide is definitely a useful tool. Find some of the coolest Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds here.

Inside you'll find:

  • Diamond Filled Seeds
  • Various Biome Seeds
  • The Coolest Seeds
  • and more

Become the best Minecraft explorer you know you can be!

Minecraft Strategy Guide By Minecraft Books

For anyone who loves Minecraft and battling, this guide is a useful tool to get you through.

Learn how to be an ultimate fighter on Minecraft.

Inside you'll find:

  • A complete mob guide
  • Strategies
  • The Art of War (not the one By Sun Tzu)
  • Combat Tips
  • and tons more

Become a battle champion today!

Minecraft Encyclopedia By Minecraft Books

This is just the ultimate must-have resource for all Minecraft fans in my opinion. This Encyclopedia has everything you need to know about Minecraft.

Well there you have folks, my list of the top books on Minecraft.

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