The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Business Office Walkthrough

A direct walkthrough of the Wolf Among Us Business Office sequence.
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This is a direct walkthrough of the Business Office scene in The Wolf Among Us, Episode 1: Faith. This walkthrough will get you to the point where you can move to the next interaction with the least steps possible. As with most adventure games, there’s more information to be found in the Business Office, but if you’re just interested in powering through this is the most direct path. 

There’s not a lot to do in the first five minutes or so of the game. You can remain completely silent and it will not effect much. There are two conversation options in the first segments. There’s a man in the hallway: 

There are several routes you can go for conversation with him. It depends on how you view your Bigby. Mine is the strong silent type, so I always pick the no answer option. He will remember your response.

The second conversation option is with Ichabod Crane. Ichabod will ask Ms. Snow who else is to blame. You can take the blame, etc but this is a moment that Snow White will remember later. Another conversation moment is when Ichabod asks who the suspect is.  

As Ichabod leaves for his “massage” you can choose to yell something at him, but again that’s a decision for how you want to play Bigby. 

Bufkin, the flying monkey librarian, will appear with a bottle. He’ll attempt conversation with you, it’s up to you how you respond but he will remember. After Snow orders Bufkin to find the books so that you can research the dead woman, you’ll be allowed free reign. 

There’s a couple of places you can check out, but if you’re looking for the quickest route through this scene, you’ll want to head to the Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror will only speak and respond in rhyme. He’ll give you the capacity to view several different options. You can look at all of them, but the two that are the most important are the Woodsman and Bufkin. 

For the Woodsman, you’ll see him stumbling drunkenly down the street. For Bufkin, you’ll see him drinking a bottle in the stacks. Viewing Bufkin will allow the story to progress. 

After you leave the mirror, Bufkin will appear with a large stack of books that he promptly drops. There are two ways to get the information on the murdered girl. 

The first is to look at the smaller book on the table. Turn the page to the right, and you’ll find a picture of the sigil ring. Click on the ring, and you’ll get the information you need. The second way to find the information is to click on the larger, open book. There is a symbol on the king’s chest. Click that and you’ll get the information you’re after. 

The murdered girl is named Faith (also known as the Donkeyskin Girl) and she was married to a Prince Lawrence. These two names are important, as they will open up avenues of search for the Magic Mirror. 

When you talk to the Magic Mirror there are several more options now for viewing. You’ll want to select Prince Lawrence, because that will give you a new lead. When you do, you’ll be given a look at his apartment, a sword at his feet, covered in blood. 

You can also look up Faith’s father and Faith as well. The response to Faith is interesting and can be worth the time to check. It is not necessary for the story to progress, however. 

As you prepare to leave the Business Office, the office will receive a phone call from Toad. In a panic, Toad will tell you that someone is breaking into the Woodsman’s apartment. 

After you leave the office, you’ll have two options. You can select to go to Toad’s or Prince Lawrence’s apartment. 

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