Thief (2014) – Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask Guide

Some people simply found a fake mask in the jeweler's window - but did you know there was a real one hiding in the building too?

Some people simply found a fake mask in the jeweler's window - but did you know there was a real one hiding in the building too?

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Chapter 1 opens to a city on lockdown due to the effects of the Gloom. A strict curfew is imposed at night, and guards patrol the streets, itching to snap up anyone who dares poke their nose out of doors. But none of this is enough to stop a master thief!

In order to get his bearings, Garrett has to make his way back to the Clock Tower, his base of operations. Along the way, he has to pass through an impressive-looking jeweler’s shop in order to get past a locked gate.

As you case the joint, you may notice two guards stop in front of the window to comment on an expensive-looking jeweled mask sitting in the front window. Sounds like paydirt.

Getting into the shop

There are four different ways you can enter the Serendi Jeweler’s Shop:

  • The front door
  • A crawl space in the north wall
  • A locked cellar door on the west side
  • A rope in the west alley leads up to a high window

While it is possible to enter the front door using lockpicks, it is out in the open and there are many guards that are patrolling the street.

I went through the north wall crawl space: Jump up using the claw tool and crouch to sneak in and you will now be standing on the rafters inside the first floor of a shop, directly over the head of a patrolling guard.

Alternate routes: The cellar door will lead into the cellar where the jeweler is working, and the high window leads you into the shop’s first floor in an area without patrolling guards.

From this route, you have the option of either sneaking around his notice (if you are trying to make it through with a Ghost playstyle) since the carpets are kind to your movements, or you can simply knock him out. There is quite a lot of loot available in this room so clean it all up. You also have the chance to pick the lock to the front window where you will find the Jeweled Mask.


The mask is a fake! Undaunted, Garrett is not altogether unhappy with the grab – he can still find a buyer who’ll pay a pretty penny for this. But the real deal has to be around here somewhere. 

Head down into the cellar – it’s small but filled with plenty of loot. The jeweler is down here as well. Close the door behind you or he may notice that it is open and grow suspicious.

(Note: If you are playing on Master difficulty, this is one of the few civilians that you will be able to knock out without automatically failing the chapter mission.)

Either knock him out or put out the candles so that you can sneak around the room under cover of darkness.

There is a document on the east desk that you can pick up and add to your collection.

(Note: The documents in Thief are not just one more set of collectibles, many of them actually offer useful hints to accessing valuable loot or story background so they are useful to read. Don’t worry, none of them are very long.)

If you read it, it will give you a useful clue that will come in handy soon. 

Check the safe

Loot the basement. You will find a box with your first Fire Arrow in here. In the southwest corner is a painting. When prompted, inspect the frame for a trigger and press it to reveal a wall safe. 

On it is a combination lock, one that cannot be picked. You will have to know the combination… and the answer to it comes straight out of the letter you picked up in the cellar:


Inside is Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask. Success!

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