Thief (2014) – Release Day FAQ

Thief is out, but there are a few questions and issues you may run into even before you get the game loaded - here are the answers to some of the most common ones.

If you are looking for help with any other issues, please feel free to check out the Thief Guide Master List for more!

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The clock has ticked down (at least for those of us in North America) and Thief (2014) is out for release. As is the way of most games big enough for a preorder, day one issues have already arisen, many of which center around when the unlock time will be, what Thief edition you have, how to get your Master Thief bonuses, and how to get your game started.

Please note: I have the PC Steam Master Edition release. Many of the problems and fixes covered will deal with Steam release issues, but if I find persistent problems on other platforms and fixes for them, I shall be sure to include them!

Hopefully you will find some of the answers you’re looking for here. If there are any others, please feel free to leave your comments below and I will do my best to try and help you find a solution.

What preorder bonuses do I get?

For Thief especially, it can be a little difficult to figure out what is a preorder exclusive, what is a limited time preorder exclusive, and what is Master Thief edition exclusive.

Steam Preorder Exclusive:

  • 5 Genuine items in Team Fortress 2: The Fortified Compound, Cutthroat’s Cloak, Dread Hiding Hood, Baronial Bouncer, and the Garrett Badge
  • “Tools of the Master Thief” item set for Drow Ranger in DOTA 2

Limited Time Exclusive:

  • The “Bank Heist” bonus mission, an homage to the Bank mission in Thief II: The Metal Age
  • Note: Steam does not give an exact date when this “limited time” period expires, but it appears that some Thief prepurchases have not come with this bonus mission included. 

Master Thief Edition:

  • Preorders of this edition should net you all the listed in the reward tiers above
  • Digital artbook
  • Digital comic book
  • Digital soundtrack (Note: This is not the complete soundtrack. You are given the option to buy the last 10 tracks for $1.99)
  • Opportunist booster pack

Do I have the Master Thief Edition?

For those of you who purchased the game through the Steam store, this will come as a no-brainer. However, Thief was included as one of the gift code options with AMD4U when you buy select AMD Radeon graphic cards, and reseller key sales have continued to climb. Furthermore, the Steam game listing is not separate between the Master Thief and the regular edition (as is with GOTY and Gold versions). 

Therefore, the only way to tell for sure whether you have the Master Thief edition, is to check the unlocks. Since Thief has still not unlocked in the EU (and even some North American games are having trouble unlocking on time), this can be done during the preloaded stage by checking to see whether or not you have received keys for the digital comic book and soundtrack (these should be available in the same section as your game key in the right-click menu). 

If your game has already unlocked and decrypted ready for play, you can launch it and check in the launcher whether or not you can access the digital artbook, or start playing and check the chest in Garrett’s Hideout to see whether or not you’ve received all the bonus upgrades.

Where are my Team Fortress 2 items?

When you prepurchase the game, the Team Fortress 2 items are not immediately deposited in your Steam inventory. You will need to launch TF2 first and then the preorder items will appear in your inventory.

Why is it taking so long for the game to unlock?

At this point, it is best to err on the side of patience. There are a lot of files to decrypt and unpack, so if your unlock whizzed through the unlock and then seemed to get stuck at 99 or 100%, this is probably why.

I’ve got the game working but I’m getting really low FPS! What’s wrong?

If you meet the performance requirements, it’s probably an issue with your drivers. Check to make sure that all of them are updated. If you are running an AMD graphics card, AMD just released a beta driver today which included performance increases for Thief which may help the issue.

How do I access the Bank Heist mission?

Updated because this is also a big question people are asking, and I’m sorry I missed it the first time around!

The Bank Heist does not require a seperate download, or found in the Challenge mode. It can be found in-game as one of your objectives when you reach the city. In order to find it, you need to get past the tutorial stage and into the main game. Press F1 to open your objectives list.

Once again, if you are experiencing any other issues, leave me a comment and I will try to find you something. Or if you find a fix that will be helpful, comment it as well and I’ll be sure to let others know! Many thanks to the users in the Steam forums and the folks on various social media for the help!

Edit: GameSkinny is not sending me notifications for your comments right now, so I may be slow to answer. If I don’t, it’s because I haven’t read it yet or I’m not certain what kind of fix I can suggest. (I am looking though, rest assured!)

For walkthroughs, FAQs, bug fixes, and other tips for Thief, please check out the Master List.

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