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Titanfall 2: Is Regeneration Worth It?

The Titanfall 2 Regen system isn't entirely clear for new players. Here's what you need to know.

If you’ve found yourself jumping back (or maybe for the first time) into Titanfall 2, some of the older aspects might leave you confused. Something that has always given new players pause is a late-game leveling mechanic. This guide will go over whether Regeneration is worth it in Titanfall 2.

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Titanfall 2: Is Regeneration Worth It?

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If you enjoy some extra cosmetics and bragging rights, there’s no reason not to go through with Pilot Regeneration. This mechanic is similar to the Prestige mechanic from other games in the era. The only caveat is that you’ll be sent back to player level one and will need to unlock weapons and titans again. The respective levels of those items will remain where they are until you have the chance to use them again.

If you’re more concerned with losing access to your favorite Titan or that handy V-47 Flatline that unlocks pretty late, you don’t have to regen of course. You’re free to stay at level 50 and keep playing with everything you’ve unlocked.

There is some leeway to consider though. The more you play, the more merits you’ll unlock. Each merit comes with an in-game credit. You can then use credits to permanently unlock weapons, titans, etc. This means that if you have some go-to load-outs, you can use up your credits to keep access to the things you like even after you regen.

What is Titan and Weapon Regeneration?

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Similar to the Pilot leveling system, both Titans and Weapons level up and have a regeneration mechanic too. What’s different here is that both of these occur after they’ve surpassed level 20 and it’s automatic. Nothing is locked and each regen simply provides new cosmetics. Make sure to check back now and then to see what new cosmetics you have available.

That answers the question: is Titanfall 2 Regeneration worth it? If you’re been having some issues accessing all of the available modes, check out our locked multiplayer guide. All other tips and titan recommendations can be found at our TF2 guides hub.

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