Titanfall Guide: Raptor Loadout for Pilots

Love running around the battlefield, killing, then moving on to the next enemy? Then check out this Pilot loadout focused on running and gunning.

The Raptor is a Pilot loadout for Titanfall. I call it Raptor because it focuses on fast movement and killing quickly. This is also known as the Run and Gun loadout. This loadout focuses on the R-97 Compact SMG and its fast, in your face play style.

The rest of the loadout consists of: Mag Launcher anti-titan weapon, Hammond P2011 sidearm, Stim tactical ability, arc grenade ordinance, Run N Gun tier kit 1, and Minion Detector tier kit 2. I'll go over why I chose each selection and what this loadout is best used for.

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This guide will cover everything about the Raptor loadout including:

  • Game mode(s) - Which game mode(s) this is best suited for.
  • Primary Weapon - What I chose, each attachment/mod, and why.
  • Anti-Titan Weapon - What I chose and why.
  • Sidearm - What I chose and why.
  • Tactical Ability - What I chose and why.
  • Ordinance - What I chose and why.
  • Tier Kits - What I chose and why.
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Primary Weapon - Get up close and personal with your R-97

The R-97 Compact SMG is a very fast weapon that is best used in close quarters combat. This makes it ideal in a Run N Gun loadout. You can kill enemies quickly without even breaking your stride.


I chose the HCOG because it gives you a bit of a zoom. Even though you will constantly move with this, it is good to have a better zoom. It doesn't take away from the gun, so it makes it more versatile.


Scatterfire is the mod I went with because it increases the fire rate to the max. It lowers accuracy, but you will be close to enemies and moving quickly, so it won't matter.

Anti-Titan Weapon - Don't let Titans slow you down

The Mag Launcher is a great anti-titan weapon. It is a grenade launcher that tends to move towards enemy Pilots and Titans. The Archer Heavy Rocket and Charge Rifle take too long to fire and you want to stay on the move as much as possible.

  • It fires quickly and has good damage.
  • It can take out Pilots and minions easily as well.
  • Does more damage than the Sidewinder.
  • You can keep moving and take out Titans, great for the nature of the loadout.

Sidearm - For when you want a change of pace

I chose the Hammond P2011 to round out this loadout without sacrificing too much speed. The B3 Wingman is strong, but slow firing rate. You don't want to slow down much. The RE-45 Autopistol is fast, but your primary weapon is already and extremely fast weapon.

Tactical Ability - If you're not first you're last

Want even more speed? Me too, that's why I chose Stim for the tactical ability. This increases your speed and health regeneration for a short time. It is perfect the extra push you need to take someone down, or escape danger.

The Cloak doesn't help as much because of how often you'll be moving. Active Radar Pulse is great because you'll be able to see where enemies are for a short time, but the extra movement and health from Stim makes it a better choice for this loadout.

Ordinance - Use bombs wisely

I picked the Arc Grenade because I wanted a grenade with this loadout. The arc grenade also distorts Pilot and Titan vision. The frag grenade is stronger, but the extra utility of the arc grenade makes it a better choice.

Satchel charges and arc mines are good, but better suited for a slower moving loadout.

Tier Kits - Augment your play style

Run N Gun Kit

The obvious choice considering the nature of this loadout. This kit allows you to fire pistols and SMGs while sprinting. This keeps you on the move, and gives you the ability to kill people while doing it.


Minion Detector

This is great when doing Attrition. It puts enemy Grunts and Spectres on the minimap at all times. With this, you can kill a lot more minions, adding to your teams overall score in Attrition.

Game Mode(s)

As you can see, Attrition is what this loadout is best suited for, but it works in other modes as well.

When doing objective based games, Guardian Chip is a good choice for Tier Kit 2. Minion Detector is not helpful unless trying to complete challenges or doing Attrition.

Guardian Chip makes your Titan's A.I. better when you aren't piloting it. Make it guard a point or flag while you go on offense. This way you aren't wasting your Titan, and still able to use the Pilot loadout to its full potential.

This wraps up my Raptor Pilot loadout. If you have questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below! If you want more tips and guides, visit the Titanfall Guide List.

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